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Web Style Search. Find Your Style

Macbook on table with an open Olifant website

Olifant Digital — Desktop Website

What we do

Your brand isn’t about what exactly you do, but mostly how you introduce it to your audience.

To make your business stand out among others and create a remarkable image, you need to find the style that shows your best self. Your brand style arises from your market positioning and further goes together through all brand communications you want to transmit. The more thoughtful your brand style is, the more customers you can attract via your website. In Embacy, we have a stepwise approach on how to create your style from the ground up.

We pursue some goals when searching for your brand style. Initially, it is part and parcel of your brand consistency, the good style lets you be recognizable across different media. No matter the place where the customer sees you, they will remember you.

If you find the proper style at once, think twice. The well-thought-out brand style isn’t just eye candy, it is more food for thought that stays in your customers’ minds and makes them realize what core brand messages are hidden in design elements.

To be number one, you need to learn from the mistakes. Nonetheless, these mistakes can belong to others. The process that we use when creating your brand style allows us to do it. We check how your competitors introduce themselves on the web and just make it better. Finally, you can be sure to be noticed and differentiate from other market players.

Visions DAO website screenshot

Visions DAO — Desktop Website

Our process

The Embacy team has developed a straightforward way on how to find the style your brand should follow.

We make it on time and in accordance with your values. The process is fully transparent, so you can check our progress at any time and without hindrance just accessing Figma. The following is our step-by-step process of your brand style creation.



We start at a steady pace with realizing who you are, what your brand promotes, and how you position yourself in the market. Our project manager dives into your brand, its product features and identifies what are the key messages your brand strives to share.



The next turn is performed by our designers who conduct the in-depth brand analytics and generate ideas on how to transmit your brand messages through design elements. They define what accents should be added, and how much space should be left on the web page, they decide what illustrations need to be drawn and photos to be selected.



When we’ve come up with ideas, it’s high time the brand style guidelines were created. At this point, our team figures out the rules to be followed on the website. They range from layout options to color palettes. We check your direct and indirect competitors and select the best practices while avoiding identified style errors.



We have extensive experience in web creation, and we care about the final quality, bar none. To make your website without a hitch, we check all interactions with you when page making. We verify that everything runs smoothly or proceed with the feedback you may give. At this phase, the interactions are well-designed and we deliver you the code that you further may use in your app.


Final touches

The last phase is all about scaling the chosen brand style to other website pages. Our designers make them consistent and in accordance with the main one. If any client’s comments appear, we figure them out instantly striving to maintain both usability and visual appeal.

What you get

When the project is completed, you get the guidelines on how to apply your brand style across all media platforms you may need. We can create your Brand Identity from the ground up, and the brand style is only the tip of this iceberg. The Style Search and Development, as well as Tone of voice, are the basis of the website that you receive upon the end of our process.

Kinescope mobile screenshots

Kinescope — Mobile Frames

A few of our past projects


For this unifying tool of team management, we’ve created the options in the same color palette, but with different visual appeals


Visions DAO is a decentralized and open-sourced infrastructure provider bringing business simulation games on-chain


Ucollex is a marketplace and a platform for collectors to buy, sell, and show off both digital and physical collectibles


One of the CGC’s leading “buy now, pay later” payment providers, focused on instant point-of-sale financing for both e-commerce and in-store transactions


A browser extension that provides discounts for online shopping in more that 30 retailers, helping customers save money on an everyday basis


With its hardware and technology, Vade collects accurate curb data and systemizes observations so optimal decisions regarding space allocation, navigation and regulation can be made


Olifant helps entrepreneurs get more clients and grow their business, with a unique and tailored approach to each new tree in the metaphorical forest

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