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Logo Design. The Bedrock of Your Brand Identity

Spexigon — Logotype

Spexigon — Logotype

What we do

Your logo is what your audience first remembers about your brand, and is the first contact with your potential audience.

With our extensive experience in logo design, we know exactly what you need to make that first impression last.
To stand out in the ocean of digital products, your business needs to have a logo that is distinct and memorable. This one symbol represents the entirety of your brand and all that you have achieved, and plan to achieve too. We're here to make sure it gets the care it deserves.
Quality logo design goes a long way, uniting your brand identity, and providing brand loyalty.

It serves several functions: distinction, memorability, consistency, loyalty. A distinct logo makes you stand out among your competitors. The same logo is used throughout your product line, unifying your products and achieving consistency. And finally, brand loyalty, as we assume quality from the products under the logo we trust.
Your logo is what tells everyone who you are, what you do, and what your audience will get.

Spectrum — Logotype

Spectrum — Logotype

Our process

By combining your input and our expertise, we make a logo that is uniquely suited for your brand identity.

Our workflow is completely transparent, you'll know exactly what to expect and when to expect it, and will have access to our working Figma since day one. Here's our creation process step by step, from the first briefing to the final design.



Before any development, the project manager and the designer on your project will start with the analytics. We take a look at your product, its goals, its unique value proposition, your brand positioning, your naming, absolutely everything there is to know. We analyze your current corporate style if there is one. We examine the market and see if your competitors' logos are similar to each other, in their approach, their concepts, whether the color schemes, the typefaces, and even the basic shapes are similar.



Based on the analytics that we had conducted, our team on your project thinks of two or three metaphors that are suitable for your product. We put together expansive and evocative moodboards for each of these concepts, and then present them to you. Together, we pick the most fitting one. After that, we break the moodboard down to get to the exact elements that bring out the mood that's needed for your logo.



Our designers and our illustrators take the elements from the moodboard and elaborate on them, creating multiple sketches with variations on the concept. Here are the previous ideas turn into potential logos right before your eyes, and once we agree on the right sketch and the right colors, we proceed to finalize it.



We take our sketch and remove everything superfluous. All the rough edges, everything unnecessary is removed until we arrive at the logo that perfectly tells your customers who you are, what do you do, and what they'll get.

Coinflect — Logotype

Coinflect — Logotype

What you get

At the end of the project, you get several versions of your logo, adapted to all the required formats and mediums. Note that among the services we provide, logo design is included in Brand Identity and in Brandbook & Guidelines. We can also create an animated logo, which could bring your digital product to life.

A few of our past projects


A complicated fintech with a logo that is both as heavy as the subject matter requires, yet dignified and stylish


A CRM that connects businesses with their customers, with a cog for a logo, that shows how it keeps everything moving. The cog doesn't have sharp edges, as Simla is highly flexible

Neural Concept

Deep-learning software that helps with enhanced engineering, real-time simulation, and interactive design optimization. The logo is all that moment of creation and picking the right direction


Coinflect is a DeFi blockchain. A permissionless multichain dapp providing all necessary utilities to developers ranging from token launch to yield farming


A customizable, all-in-one modern era video streaming platform developed specifically with businesses in mind. It’s smarter, faster and younger


A cross-chain and cross-platform DeFi ecosystem that allows for quicker and cheaper transactions and has cross-chain liquidity and interoperability out of the box


Spexigon is the first of its kind aerial imagery marketplace powered by drones and blockchain. Earn rewards by collecting imagery with drones and uploading it to the platform.

Coming soon

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P.S. A little extra

Here we'll just talk a little more about the importance of designing a good logo

If you're on this page, it's fairly likely that you already know how important a logo is and are looking to get one done. And yet, we'll just talk a little more on how important logo design is. Because it is. We'll also just talk a little about the logo design in general, while we're at it.

Your logo is the culmination of all your branding efforts, and all your company's efforts overall, all condensed into a single image. The face of your brand identity, a single image translating all your values to the world. The word "brand" itself is, of course, originally a logo, a hot iron brand showing ownership of cattle. Your logo is your brand and your brand is your logo. Yet logo design began its history far before the rowdy cowboys, with stamps and seals dating thousands of years before the current era. All the way from the first minted coins, and crests that belong to nations and sports teams, up to the present day. Until the 19th century, the various logos pursued slightly different goals than the ones a logo needs to achieve today. A coat of arms doesn't need to be streamlined or approachable. More than anything, overwhelming complexity helped with their purported goals, helping with carrying out traditions, symbolism, storytelling (and in the process, creating food for thoughts for many a conspiracy theorist to come).

Luckily, your logo nowadays isn't chained to bloodlines and mighty decrees. All it needs to do is... well, again, it needs to represent everything you do, all while being distinct and memorable. A tall order, certainly. But it is doable, it gets done every day.

“Now with even AI capable of throwing up myriads of options in seconds that are, certainly, unique. At least for the moment, a good logo requires a human touch.”

Now we know or can easily research what a target audience would want from your logo, what logo is expected in your niche, even what shape it should be, and what color scheme it should have. We now know all these things (that still leave a lot of options open) and what's left to do is to not paint it by the numbers. You can't make something unique by rote.


success. see you soon ;)
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