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Web3 Design Concepts to Buy

Embacy introduces 26 digital branding concepts for Web3 companies. Each concept can include unique graphic patterns, illustrations, 3D elements, color schemes, typography, crafted symbols, mascots, web and communication designs.

All the brand deliverables are carefully placed in the Figma file, which we will transfer to you after the purchase. You can customize the chosen concept with Embacy for an additional fee.



A sleek and modern design with a monochromatic color scheme accented by vibrant yellow, embodying a minimalist yet striking aesthetic that signifies efficiency and innovation.

Price: 1 ETH



A playful and bold collage of colors and shapes, blending a retro feel with modern design principles to evoke creativity and the joy of building something unique and impactful.

Price: 1 ETH



An edgy and contemporary style that combines geometric precision with abstract artistry, reflecting a fusion of tradition and digital frontier for the forward-thinking audience.

Price: 1 ETH



A harmonious blend of 3D elements and vibrant colors against a backdrop of purples and greens, creating an immersive visual experience that speaks to growth and futuristic vision.

Price: 1 ETH


Electric shift

A lively and energetic approach with cartoonish characters and bright, contrasting colors that impart a sense of movement and fun, appealing to a youthful and dynamic demographic.

Price: 1 ETH


Form and function

A professional and clean layout with a touch of personalization, utilizing space and imagery to convey a sense of community and collective progress.

Price: 1 ETH



A juxtaposition of athletic imagery with futuristic tech elements, set against a fresh green palette, encapsulating a lifestyle that's active and tech-integrated.

Price: 1 ETH



A bold and experimental approach to digital wallet representation, using abstract 3D models and a stark color contrast to symbolize a cutting-edge and secure approach to asset management.

Price: 1 ETH



A whimsical and inventive arrangement that combines gaming and lifestyle imagery, using symmetry and circular patterns to create an engaging and friendly user experience.

Price: 1 ETH



A sharp and sophisticated design that leverages intense orange hues and clean lines to evoke a sense of focus and precision, perfect for a tool designed to cut through complexity.

Price: 1 ETH



This design features a clean and professional aesthetic with a strong emphasis on structure and hierarchy, using shades of blue that evoke trust and reliability. The use of geometric shapes and uncluttered space creates a sense of order and clarity, emphasizing the concept's commitment to precision and expertise.

Price: 1 ETH



An interplay of deep purples and glowing neons creates a futuristic vibe, suggesting innovation and a journey into the digital age. The visuals suggest connectivity and seamless integration, highlighting the concept's focus on bridging the gap between technology and everyday life.

Price: 1 ETH



The concept utilizes a bold and dynamic color palette, with vibrant greens and contrasting oranges that capture attention and stimulate engagement. The playful incorporation of game elements suggests a focus on creativity and entertainment, catering to an audience that values interactive experiences.

Price: 1 ETH



With its cheerful use of purples and a cartoon-like mascot, this design communicates a friendly and approachable brand. The visuals promise a user-friendly experience with a touch of whimsy, perfect for a concept that doesn't take itself too seriously while delivering quality.

Price: 1 ETH


Off We Go!

This concept features a stark contrast between bright yellows and deep blacks, creating a visual pop that stands out. The lively and dynamic character illustrations add a sense of energy and movement, indicating a concept that's all about action and adventure.

Price: 1 ETH



A minimalist design with a monochromatic yellow background accented with black text and graphics conveys simplicity and focus. The design suggests a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to investment or financial services, where clarity and high visibility are key.

Price: 1 ETH



Dark, neon green accents on a black background give this concept a cybernetic feel, hinting at themes of security and digital prowess. The visuals indicate a concept steeped in technology and data protection, with a modern, tech-savvy audience in mind.

Price: 1 ETH



This concept uses a palette of soft pastels against crisp white, suggesting transparency and openness. The overlay of geometric shapes over human elements hints at a blend of technology and personal interaction, focusing on user identity and individual experience.

Price: 1 ETH



A vibrant mix of bright, contrasting colors against a backdrop of sports and leisure imagery suggests a concept that's energetic and fun. It speaks to a youthful and active demographic, with a focus on bringing excitement and a splash of color to everyday activities.

Price: 1 ETH



The use of pastel tones and friendly imagery in this concept creates an inviting and warm atmosphere. The design suggests a concept that values community, conversation, and personal growth, with a focus on creating connections and supporting individual success.

Price: 1 ETH



This design uses a soothing gradient of greens, creating a calming and stable visual experience. The focus on symmetrical shapes and clean lines suggests a harmonious and balanced approach, which could be associated with financial stability or growth.

Price: 1 ETH



The visuals in this concept are rooted in urban mobility and sustainability, using bright, bold colors against a cityscape background. The geometric shapes give a sense of movement and progression, reflecting an innovative and eco-conscious perspective.

Price: 1 ETH



This design presents a striking contrast of monochrome with selective color highlights, creating a modern and sophisticated feel. The structured layout with clear, bold typography suggests a focus on clarity and professionalism, likely associated with digital security or identity management.

Price: 1 ETH



With deep celestial blues and shimmering golden accents, this design evokes the vastness and mystery of space. It suggests exploration and discovery, likely targeting a forward-thinking audience interested in the expansiveness of data or financial opportunities.

Price: 1 ETH



This playful and vibrant design features colorful characters and dynamic visuals, suggesting creativity and fun. It could be associated with a youthful and energetic brand that's all about community, collaboration, and the joy of collectible digital experiences.

Price: 1 ETH



A dreamy nightscape with soft, muted colors and whimsical creature illustrations gives this design a fairy-tale quality. It suggests a gentle and imaginative approach, possibly relating to local community support or the nurturing of small-scale economies.

Price: 1 ETH

Once you purchase an Concept, you become the sole owner of this intellectual property. You have the right to do what you will with the Concept, such as renaming, modifying, selling, and so on. After the purchase, you get access to the Figma file with all the style deliverables and other materials.

If you have any questions, shoot us a letter at welcome@embacy.io or jump on an intro call