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Interaction Design. Pushing All the Buttons

Interaction design on the Ledger website

What we do

Without a doubt, visual appeal matters for the brand, but there's no sense in it if the website has low customer usability.

The interaction design is the tool we use to make it clear to the audience how to use your product and make the customer journey seamless. The interactions on the website are designed not just to keep the viewers scrolling, in contrast, such motion is a way to simplify the target action completion. If the interaction design is well-thought-out and consistent, your website is bound to fulfill its purpose and succeed. In Embacy, we have established a phased approach on how to design the interactions at their best.

We place emphasis on interaction design for a number of reasons. Firstly, if customer behavior on the website is predicted beforehand, you get all chances to satisfy their needs. By plotting interactions, you can boost your conversion rate as users don’t face any failure and keep browsing your website. You may attract plenty of customers being just eye candy, but you can keep them only when your usability is high and interactions are well-designed.

It’s not enough to set a goal, you need to do your utmost to bring it into life.

The point of interaction design is to investigate the user journey backward and forwards. When the pain points are identified, you can be sure how people perceive your website and what may stop them from final action completion. At this stage, you’re golden as you know how to design the interactions to reach your target.

When your product is complex, it’s high time for a UI designer to make it easy to use. Interaction design is a perfect tool to animate the interface and visually show its functionality. By thinking through possible interactions, we make it clear for the user what a product is about and provide a somewhat of a direction for use.

Interaction design on the Slash website

Our process

In Embacy, we have a straightforward way on how to design UI interactions on the website.

Our process is fully transparent, this means you can access Figma to follow stages of our process at any time and without hindrance. Here’s how we create your own interaction design.



For starters, we dive into your product to grasp how it works and what target actions your website may have. Our team realizes what audience your brand has and figures out how to communicate with it. We identify what your users expect when browsing your website, so we know how to make the customer journey trouble-free.


UI design

When we are sure who your website interacts with, we just plan how to make this communication at its finest. When creating UI design, we come up with buttons, sliders, texts, and interfaces that should be touchable and interactive. We make the whole plot that reflects the journey your user makes to complete the action you expect. When everything’s settled, it’s time for our motion designers, who make things move, to get involved.


Motion design

Here’s how we make the website vibrant and engaging. When we have the plot to follow, we know exactly how to avoid pain points, so we just put interfaces into action. In Embacy, we not just make things move but thoroughly examine how they do it. A motion designer supervises that interactions are run without delay and properly adjusted to different devices.



We have extensive experience in web creation, and we care about the final quality, bar none. To make your website without a hitch, we check all interactions with you when page making. We verify that everything runs smoothly or proceed with the feedback you may give. At this phase, the interactions are well-designed and we deliver you the code that you further may use in your app.

What you get

When everything is all done, you get the website with a well-thought-out UI design and the code you use onwards. We can create your Motion from the ground up, and the interaction design is only the tip of this iceberg. Interaction Design, as well as Web animations and Motion graphics, are the basis that makes your website move forward.

Interaction design on the Kinescope website

A few of our past projects


The all-in-one software for managing teams where we’ve created the motion of interface elements. We’ve thought through interactions that let the user grasp how the Ledger’s tool can be used


A global crypto jobs platform that helps clients and freelancers connect, providing efficient transactions and robust protections through smart contracts


Ucollex is a marketplace and a platform for collectors to buy, sell, and show off both digital and physical collectibles


An ecosystem of video solutions ranging from promo videos to live broadcasts. This case illustrates well how we design the interactions in the interface of a Kinescope’s program

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