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Symbol. The Core of Your Brand

Spexigon - logotype

Spexigon — Logotype

What we do

Your symbol is what defines your brand identity. As the cornerstone of your brand, your logo, and present on every product and all your outside communication, it is the singular most important element of your brand.

To be distinctive and stand out on the market with all the different digital products coming up, you need a suitably distinctive symbol. We have extensive experience in creating logos and symbols, and we're here to make sure that your brand leaves a lasting impression.

A good symbol is at the forefront of your brand identity.

A memorable symbol is what helps to achieve the necessary public recognition. As the symbol is used throughout your products and in your marketing, it needs to be unique, memorable, and tell the world exactly who you are and what your brand represents.

Your symbol is how you'll get recognized

Spectrum - logotype

Spectrum — Logotype

Our process

To create a symbol that is uniquely suitable for your brand, we'll need your input. By combining your input with our expertise, we manage to create a symbol that showcases your brand in a truthful and beneficial light.

You'll have the access to our working Figma since the first day on the project, as our workflow is completely transparent. You'll know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. The following is our development process on the project, from the first call to the final symbol.



At the start of the project, the project manager and the designer will take an in-depth look into your company and your brand identity. We analyze your brand, your product, its unique value proposition, your current corporate style, your competitors, everything there is to know about your product and its niche. We see what your symbol looks like right now and why, and see how it stacks up against your competitors' brand identities. And what do they look like? How do they approach their symbols, what are the concepts behind them, why are these the colors, why these typefaces, why are these exact elements represent their brands? Once we're done with this preliminary research, we move on to concepts.



A solid symbol has a solid idea behind it. We take all our research, analyze it, and come up with several metaphors that are suitable for your brand and your product. For each of these concepts, we put together elaborate moodboards, as a symbol isn't emotionless (unless it needs to be). We present these concepts to you and together pick the right option. Then, we can break down those moodboards and visual references, and see exactly the elements that work. We take those elements and begin sketching out the symbol.



Here is where it happens. Our designers coupled with our illustrators create multiple sketches for the potential symbol, all that ties in with the idea and your overall brand identity. Over and over again, until we arrive at the right symbol. Throughout this process, you can see the work-in-progress, and we only decide together on the right sketch to finalize.



Finishing touches. Once we're certain on the right sketch for your brand identity, we fix the details, all the rough edges, try different things, different color schemes. We don't stop until we get the symbol that perfectly encapsulates your brand.

Coinflect - logotype

Coinflect — Logotype

What you get

At the end of the project, you get several versions of your symbol, adapted for all the different uses, in all the necessary formats. Note that among the services we provide, creating a symbol is part of Logo Design, which itself is included in Brand Identity and in Brandbook & Guidelines. We can also create an animated logo, which could bring your digital product to life.

A few of our past projects


A simple straightforward software that has everything a team needs. The symbol is the checkmarks that you cross off your list as the tasks get done


A complicated fintech with a symbol that is both as heavy as the subject matter requires, yet dignified and stylish for the refined brand identity


A CRM that connects businesses with their customers, with a cog for a symbol, that shows how it keeps everything moving. The cog doesn't have sharp edges, as Simla is highly flexible

DeFi Alliance

A North American startup accelerator. The brand identity that we had developed goes all the way to Mars, with the symbol suitable for any spacefaring mission

Neural Concept

Deep-learning software that helps with enhanced engineering, real-time simulation, and interactive design optimization. The symbol is all that moment of creation and picking the right direction


Coinflect is a DeFi blockchain. A permissionless multichain dapp providing all necessary utilities to developers ranging from token launch to yield farming


A B2B video platform with the brand identity that consists of simple shapes, and in the logo we bring these shapes together to form a retro camera. Particularly inspired by Kodak Super 8


A cross-chain and cross-platform DeFi ecosystem that allows for quicker and cheaper transactions and has cross-chain liquidity and interoperability out of the box


Spexigon is the first of its kind aerial imagery marketplace powered by drones and blockchain. Earn rewards by collecting imagery with drones and uploading it to the platform.

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