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Charachters. Show Your Character

Planets, space and unicorns

Character Illustrations for UNO.Farm

What we do

Character illustrations help to humanize your brand. A digital product, be it a complicated software solution or a lifestyle app, needs to be approachable.

Anywhere in the range from a fun quirky mascot to a confident character showing how reliable you are, we're here to make your brand shine with a human face. Character illustrations help tremendously with your brand identity development: they help to round it out, fill in the gaps with characterization.

Whether the characters are offbeat jolly cartoons, or simply a familiar presence, they give us something to latch onto, something relatable. They stop us in our tracks and let us see something more than just a brand. The distinct characters are what make us feel things, making the brand evocative and exciting.

Space future greetings

Character Illustrations for DeFi Alliance

Our process

Learn more about the process that we use to create characters.



One of our project managers, along with our designers and illustrators, researches your brand. We look at everything there is to know about your business: your product, your unique value proposition, your brand identity, your values, your competitors, and their products, and their brands, etc. With this research, we'll be able to highlight exactly what makes your brand exceptional and create a suitable brand character (or characters).



After the preliminary analysis is complete, our team can sit down and bounce some ideas back and forth. These characters won't exist in a vacuum, they need to beneficially and accurately represent your brand. This is why we take time to create several concepts, complete with expansive moodboards and visual references. This groundwork allows us to create just the right characters for your brand. We'll share these concepts with you and together decide on the right one to take further.



We take our chosen concept and create multiple sketches for the character illustrations. Our process is completely transparent: you'll have access to our Figma from the very start of the project, and at this stage, you'll be able to see the birth of your brand characters. Once we have the right sketches, we distill them to their core and remove everything unnecessary. And then add some colorful details, if that's what's needed.



After everything's done, we deliver to you the final character illustrations. These are the distinct characters that embody your brand. With not so many words, they show exactly what your brand is all about. All while being expressive, relatable, and if that's what's needed, funny.

What you get

At the end of the project, you receive the character illustrations you needed, in all the required formats, adapted for all the necessary mediums.

Girl with books

Character Illustrations for Heartcore

A few of our past projects


UNO.Farm is bringing together all the best yield sources in DeFi into one tool to automate and maximize your yield generation


At the time of emergence of gig economy, Gigs is building a safe, secure and collective-oriented environment for freelancers through a user-friendly and user-driven platform


A European venture capital firm that invests in young startups tells its brand story via a heart-warming and moving tone of voice and illustrations


Olifant helps entrepreneurs get more clients and grow their business, with a unique and tailored approach to each new tree in the metaphorical forest

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