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Creating Brand Message. Don’t Send The Wrong Message


Finom — European Online Banking

What we do

In the evergrowing market, your brand needs to be memorable and notable among others. Sharing the right brand message is a straightforward way to make it happen.

Your brand is not only what you do but also how you introduce it to your audience. It's all about the tone you follow and the words you select to express your brand short and sweet. If your brand messages are strong enough, you can be sure about your future content writing and marketing. In Embacy, we know exactly how to come up with brand messages to show you at your finest.

Don't hesitate to get to the point and show what benefits you offer while exceeding others. Your brand message is a true path to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Even if you're sure that your slogan is well made, come up with a few more options. The tagline is what the customer instantly relates to your brand, so it can either give you a good name or ruin it. When the messages suit you well, the world is your oyster and your buyers have reasons to do business with you. Don't tell a long story, the point is to show everyone who you are, plain and simple.

Each business has a strategy, so let's make it long-term and comprehensive. Our product managers think through the messages that you may further use in your marketing campaigns and content plan. By creating strong brand messages, we make sure that you will be effectively promoted across all media platforms you need.

When branding, we dive into your product to grasp what value you propose and how your brand is different from others. These two things let us create taglines and slogans that make others recognize you at first sight.

We pursue several goals when creating your brand messages. First of all, you are not the only one in the market, but we still can make you number one. By messaging your values explicitly, your brand can reach its audience and advertise itself at its best.


Kodland — Online Kids School

Our process

In Embacy, we have a straightforward way on how to come up with unique messages for your brand.

Our process is fully accessible, in other words,  you can check the Figma of your project at any time and without any hindrance. The following is how we create messages that stay in mind.



First of all, we become immersed in your product to realize what audience your brand has and how it may be better to speak to it. Our team looks for common ground between you and your customers and decides how to establish this contact. We identify what your users expect when reaching you, so we know exactly how to grant their requests.


Market research

When we’re sure what your brand is about, we just look at the big picture on the market. Our team discovers what players are there and how they communicate with a client. The point is to get their positioning and make you stand out in the eyes of your audience. At this very moment, the competitors’ analysis triggers further messages that transmit your brand values.


Texting messages

When everything’s settled, it’s time for our project managers to formulate the messages that will describe your brand at its best self. We aim to make them short and sweet while touching brand promise, target audience, USP, and product features. We don’t make it at once, so we prepare for you some options to choose from.


Final touches

In Embacy, we not just create good content but thoroughly examine how it suits you. We discuss the messages with you to pinpoint the company's focus and clarify its positioning. Our team strives to be on the same page before the concept development stage. At this phase, the functional messages are well-designed, and we deliver you the simple words that explicitly describe the essence of your brand.

What you get

When the project is completed, we deliver you brand messages that reflect you at your finest. We can create your Brand Identity from the ground up, and the brand messages are only the tip of this iceberg. Brand messages, as well as Tone of voice and Positioning elaboration, are the basis that makes your brand stand out.

Poster and mockup nextML

nextML — ML Solutions for Engineering and Industry Companies

A few of our past projects


A cooperation platform for teams with only essential features like events, projects, and discussion. Essential connection for fluent teamwork


A new way to do finances for businesses, Finom combines accounting and banking services into a single modern mobile-friendly solution


An online school for digital skills for kids aged 6-17 that wants to help kids grow up as visionaries and entreupeneurs


Uses machine learning to help businesses and people automate various projects


A browser extension that provides discounts for online shopping in more that 30 retailers, helping customers save money on an everyday basis

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