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Our culture is based on chaos in the individual elements that result in a complete and balanced whole.

1. Honesty and transparency

Before the start of the project, the client fully understands how the work will be organized, and what's the result they should expect.

Before you start working with us, you must fully understand the workflow.

We are okay not working with a client and we are okay not working with you, even if your portfolio is amazing and the test assignment went great.

For lying, you will be fired immediately. For secrecy and making up some office intrigues, you will be fired after the first warning

2. Simplicity and asceticism

To work, you need a desk, a chair, and a laptop. We'll give you the first two but you should have your own laptop. If that's an issue, then after the first successful quarter, we can discuss interest-free leasing. It won't be an iMac, but we'll get you something good. If you need extra gear like an orthopedic chair — we'll figure it out.

3. Swiftness and results

We work fast, a good solution today is better than two great ones tomorrow.

Step 1 of any action is to think. You need to be able to do it quickly. You cannot justify meaningless actions by how fast you took them.

We strive to become the best in the world in creating corporate styles and websites for its products (more about this in the plans until the end of 2021), so we cannot allow the company and each of us not to grow. "Up or Out”, where Up is growth above itself.

Mistakes are good. We don't expect you to be perfect, but we expect you to learn from them. It is unacceptable to think “that will do”, “that probably won't be necessary” or “no one will remember this”.

4. 80+/90+ rule

We are not perfectionists. It's not efficient to do everything at 100/100. Every result of our activity should be at least:

  • “Good enough”, if you need to do it very quickly. For example, this text. This is 80+/100.

  • Some things need to be done just perfect: first of all, it's our works, they should be 90+/100. They could be 97, or they could be 91, but we'll be happy with both results.

  • Sometimes we do something very quickly at 80+, and then we refine it to 90+. It turns out much faster to do rather than doing 90+ from scratch.

5. Care

We will try to reveal your strengths and help with your weaknesses. Everyone has them. If the team knows that you have a bad skill, it can either teach or support at the right time. You have to know your weaknesses.

We'll take care of you. If you have a hard day, you can say so, and everyone will take it easier on you. If you are tired, take a nap, I have slept in our office plenty of times myself.

You can work from home once a week.

But everything has its limits. One designer was fired for coming into work after 1 p.m. three times a week.

6. Vibe

We don't go out bowling, but we can talk about some shows.

We drink beer on Friday evening, but look sober at the results of the week.

We wear black jeans and our jokes suit them.

We are going to international conferences several times a year.

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