Get ready for 2023! Christmas offer for startups

Get ready for 2023!

We’re offering startups a design project of 4 weeks to get your brand a competitive visual identity for a budget of $15K. Our holiday bundle includes:

  • Landing page and production
  • Style essence and guide
  • Social media posts, cover and avatar
  • Presentation template and e-mail signature

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Design for Projects in Round A

Polish your look and prepare to scale brand communication to new audiences and markets after an energetic startup phase.


How we help Round A companies to

Update professionally

We update your brand after the beginning phase, creating a more confident, professional look.

Scale brand communication

Announcing your launch with new branding and website is a bold move that will attract the attention of your audience.

Maintain visual consistency

We take disparate parts of your brand and turn them into a consistent single design system.

Build design systems

All designs we create are supported by detailed design systems and style guides that make scaling the designs easier.

Reach new markets

Our global experience can help both the brands that expand locally and those entering new markets.

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