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Design for Crypto & Web3 Projects

Decentralized digital movements like Web3 and Cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream. We created design for many brands in this segment – take a look.


Why we love working with Crypto

Sharp design

Cool brand identity and a smooth-working website are essential to stand out in a digital market like crypto. We know how to do both.

Similar values

We’re decentralized, global and work fast – just like a lot of our Web 3.0 friends. And we use crypto ourselves, in our personal lives and for work.

In simple terms

As newer industries, Crypto and Web 3.0 may seem difficult to understand. We know how to explain your product to a broad audience in simple terms.


We’ve worked a lot with crypto and even lauched our own NFT line. Our experience and close ties to the industry makes sure we’ll speak the same language.

New horizons

Web 3.0 and Crypto are the future. We want to be at the forefront of the advancing tech and work with brands that represent it.

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