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Animated Illustrations. Make Your Brand Move Forward

Animated Illustrations for Bankex

What we do

It is difficult to make the first move, but if you choose the right motion, it will become the bedrock of your brand identity.

As you may know, the illustrations themselves underpin the messages your brand wants to transmit. They make it easy for the customer to perceive and process the embedded values on your website. No doubt that illustrations enhance the way your brand is expressed but what about getting noticed through animated illustrations. In Embacy, we know well how to animate drawings so that your brand will grab the audience’s attention.

The better the animations of your illustration style are thought out, the more long-standing impression your brand can leave on the customers. To hold the attention that you have captured our team makes animated illustrations on your website consistent, but catchy. The Embacy team creates your brand identity and vitalizes it through vibrant and dynamic drawings. We push the limits by animating regular illustrations for a number of reasons.

First of all, motion in illustrations appeals to your audience’s emotions. No matter the complexity of a brand illustration, the animation adds more power to the idea, message, and brand mood. It makes it clear for the customer what pace your brand follows and who it is oriented for.

Moreover, the well-thought-out motion of custom graphics like icons, logos or illustrations enhances usability and navigation on your website. The way your design elements are animated can either make user’s interactions simpler and faster or ruin the communication between the customer and your brand.

In Embacy we attach great value to the animations of brand illustrations on websites.

Animated Illustrations for Kodland

Our process

Learn more about the process that we use to create animated illustrations.



Our illustrators dive into your corporate values and grasp what story your brand strives to tell. They identify messages you want to convey and figures out tasks your website is supposed to solve.



When the in-depth research is done, it’s essential for us to create the metaphor that will go together with your brand identity in the form of illustrations. We come up with characters, actions and give careful thought to all details. Then, we write a script that will tell the customers a brand story on your website.



The designers and illustrators take the plot and create sketches that reflect your brand values. We want to hit the nail on the head so we keep you in touch and choose the “win-win” option together that, firstly, will be eyecatching, and, secondly, user friendly.


Delivery of illustrations

When the sketch is approved by you, we refine and detail it. We develop the storyline until we make it worth seeing. Our illustrators carefully draw each illustration considering its further motion.



To put final touches, we animate all vector illustrations, logos, and icons following your brand storyline. We avoid overburdening the website with animated elements making it perceivable and well-balanced.

Defi Alliance website screenshot

Animated Illustrations for Blue

What you get

At the end of your project, you get a consistent illustration style with well-thought-out animations adapted to all the required formats and mediums. We can create your Motion graphics from the ground up, and the animation of brand illustrations is only the tip of this iceberg.

A few of our past projects


Blue is a platform that allows you to wrap regular tokens into Safe tokens (USDC.safe, DAI.safe, etc.). These checks happen when the token is traded, in real-time.

Coming soon

Embacy Coin

An NFT collection minted by us. Each coin equals to one sprint of our working time, and can be bought to redeem part of a project with us.


A digital asset banking platform with a detailed animated illustration on the website that reflects the core brand principle, its connectivity

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