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Creating Motion Graphics. Keep It Going

Motion graphics for Simla

What we do

Good motion graphics singe themselves into our memory. Be it a cinematic masterpiece or a short clip representing your brand, all the colors and the motion engage and immerse us, creating for a captivating and memorable experience.

A brand identity has to be memorable, and motion graphics are an essential tool to make it so.

Motion graphics can be used in your showreels, on your Instagram or your YouTube channel, on your website, during your presentations, anywhere a video could be used. High-quality motion graphics are what make you stand out, make your brand presence pop.

We can use motion graphics coupled with animated illustrations and/or photos and video footage (all depending on your brand positioning and the exact needs of your brand) to create the right and memorable experience for your target audience. The right motion graphics can really enhance your brand identity and put your best in the spotlight.

Motion graphics for Deutsch Online

Our process

In Embacy, we have a step-by-step way on how to create the right motion graphics on the website.



Before developing any motion graphics, first, we delve into your brand. We look frame-by-frame into everything there is to know: your brand, your brand identity, its visual identity, your product and its unique value proposition, your website, your competitors, their products, their brands, their motion graphics if they have any, and so on. All this preliminary research is required to create the motion graphics that really highlight your brain and make it stand out.



With all the necessary info available, our team prepares the script and sketches out the storyboards for the video. We try out different approaches until we arrive at exactly the right motion graphics for your brand.



Once the storyboards are complete, our motion designers roll up the sleeves and make them come to life. Note that our process is completely transparent: you'll see the work-in-progress as it takes shape, from the first creation to the final version of your motion graphics.


Final touches

Finally, we refine the motion graphics until we get it exactly right. As the high-quality motion graphics move, they move us with them. We don't stop until we create something memorable that really shows your brand at its best.

What you get

At the end of the project, you get all the required motion graphics, adapted to all the needed formats and for all the required mediums (all depending on the project). Note that we can also make animated illustrations for other uses (such as to be used on your website, not in the video format), and animated logos.

Motion graphics for Xpanceo

A few of our past projects


A cross-chain and cross-platform DeFi ecosystem that allows for quicker and cheaper transactions and has cross-chain liquidity and interoperability out of the box

Deutsch Online

The brand identity we've made stands out in the edtech market by being colorful, exciting, full of action. The motion graphics are the same: we immerse you in cool Berlin streets


A small but highly specialized team of machine learning experts who use ML to help businesses and people automate various projects


One of the CGC’s leading “buy now, pay later” payment providers, focused on instant point-of-sale financing for both e-commerce and in-store transactions


A CRM that connects online businesses with their customers. To stand out in this market, for Simla we've made a vibrant and colorful brand identity, with poppy motion graphics that make it only all the more exciting

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