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Creating Brand Concepts. Explaining Your Brand

Xpanceo website screenshots

Xpanceo — Brand Concepts

What we do

Ideas can be complex, cumbersome, or just seem plain to someone not invested — that's why we need to explain them. Your brand starts with the brand concept.

By coming up with a brand concept that translates your brand idea into an evocative metaphor, we can easily show the value of your brand to everyone.
The brand concept is what turns a brand identity from a collection of your taglines and your visuals into something cohesive, meaningful, and relatable.

Once we have done all the preliminary research (we start by researching your product, your audience, your unique value proposition, your competitors, their brands, and so on), we take all that and your brand idea, and turn it all into something. Something that can be the foundation of your brand. Let's see how we do it.

Cashew Instagram creatives

Cashew — Brand Concepts in Creatives for Instagram

Our process

In Embacy, we have developed a straightforward way on how to create a concept that will tell your brand story at its finest.

We make it on time and in accordance with your values. The process is fully transparent, so you can check our progress at any time just by accessing Figma. The following is how we do it.



We begin the project with thorough research into your brand and your product, and everything there is to know about it. But your brand doesn't exist in a vacuum — we pay just as much attention to your competitors, their brands and their products, and what concepts do they employ, if any. Only after we have amassed all the necessary information, we proceed to brainstorming.



The dedicated team on your project puts their thinking caps on. The ideas flow back and forth, until we have a massive longlist of every possible concept for your brand. Then, we mercilessly cut them down to get to the shortlist of concepts that aren't just passable and workable, but those that uniquely fit your brand. We develop them further and make symbols, put together visual references, moodboards — and then present them to you, and together, pick the right one.



We polish further the concept and all the visualizations of it for various mediums: billboards, banners, social media posts, etc. All to see how the brand concept would show itself in the communication. Our process is entirely transparent, and you'll have access to our Figma since day 1. Meaning that at this stage, you'll see your brand concept going from a concept to a concept, and really taking shape.


Final touches

We finalize and refine until everything is just right, and only then deliver to you the finished work.

What you get

When everything’s settled, you get the concept, a solid narrative about your brand, which later can be disclosed through a wide range of stylistic methods and brand elements, such as logo, colors, and fonts. We can create your Brand Identity from the ground up, and the brand concept is only the tip of this iceberg. The Brand Concept, as well as Brand Idea and Brand messages, are the basis of the Brandbook & guidelines that you receive upon the end of our process.

Spexigon brand concept

Spexigon — Rejected Brand Concepts

A few of our past projects

DeFi Alliance

North American startup accelerator. We based our futuristic concept on terraforming, and in the final identity, we see how DeFi Alliance helps startups usher in a brand new world


Californian collaboration tool. Ledger is easy to use and provides all the essentials for teamwork, so our concept is simplistic and straightforward. Here's all you need


Provider of system solutions to various financial institutions and support to digital economies. Our concept is based on Kumiko — a Japanese technique of working with wood, creating complicated shapes without any glue or nails. With this concept, we showcase how flexible and seamless CMA products are

Neural Concept

Deep learning software for engineers. Our concept shows this moment of development, where uncertainty fades away and something tangible emerges


The next generation computing category to create a better version of yourself and rethink human limitations through XC gadgets and platform


Spexigon is the first of its kind aerial imagery marketplace powered by drones and blockchain. Earn rewards by collecting imagery with drones and uploading it to the platform.

Coming soon


One of the CGC’s leading “buy now, pay later” payment providers, focused on instant point-of-sale financing for both e-commerce and in-store transactions

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