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Positioning Elaboration. Getting Your Brand Right

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What we do

To be effective, your brand positioning needs to be precise. Your brand has to stand out, it needs to differentiate itself in the evergrowing market.

We're here to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

While we don't work with marketing or business strategy, we rely on your knowledge in these areas and in your product, and by adding our branding expertise, we can fit your brand identity to match your exact goals.

Our process is completely transparent, as you'll have access to our Figma since day 1 of the project. Together, we'll figure out the exact right positioning for your brand.

Our process

At Embacy, we offer a simple way to find out the unique features of your brand and accurately determine its positioning.

Our process is fully accessible, in other words, you can check Figma of your project at any time and without any obstacles. Here's how we set you apart from others.



For starters, we become immersed in your product in order to realize who you are and what you offer to your audience. Our team looks for a deep understanding of your values and clearly grasps the goals you pursue. We identify what your users want to get when they reach you, so we know exactly how to satisfy their needs.


Market research

When we know what your brand is about, we just look at the big picture on the market. Our team discovers what players are there and how they introduce themselves to a customer. The point is to get their positioning and make you stand out in the eyes of your audience. At this very moment, the competitors’ analysis reveals inaccuracies that we need to rectify so as to build a complete brand picture.


Client meeting

Here is where it happens. Our designers coupled with our illustrators create multiple sketches for the potential symbol, all that ties in with the idea and your overall brand identity. Over and over again, until we arrive at the right symbol. Throughout this process, you can see the work-in-progress, and we only decide together on the right sketch to finalize.



In Embacy, we don’t just define your positioning, but carefully examine if it really suits your brand. After getting feedback from you, all we do is to refine and elaborate. When it’s done and the approach is clarified, we deliver you the distinct position that makes you stand out while presenting you at your best self.

What you get

When everything's settled, we deliver you a clarified position of your brand that reflects you at your finest. We can create your Brand Identity from the ground up, and positioning elaboration is only the tip of this iceberg. Positioning Elaboration, as well as Brand messages and Concept, are the basis that makes you recognizable.

A few of our past projects


an online school for digital skills for kids aged 6-17. When diving into a brand, our team has figured out interlinked features that bring about its further positioning - focus on educating children without overwhelming them, the goal to raise visionaries and creators and a unique proposition of figuring out what is it that kids want.


a payment system that let’s you buy now, pay later. We’ve decided to position them as the solution that stands out on the market by highlighting the UAE origins of the brand, bringing local flavour to the industry.


a wallet that gathers all your assets, even from third-party apps, so the user has everything in one place: fiat, crypto, and loyalty points. Through in-depth competitor analysis, we’ve come up with unique brand features - sharing the community and unifying all assets that lay the groundwork of brand positioning.


a B2B video platform with the brand identity that consists of simple shapes, particularly inspired by Kodak Super 8. The inspiration provides synergy with the brand positioning, formulated by Embacy.

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