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Creating web animation

Make it moving

Web animations for LaborX

You may tell your brand story only in words, but why not breathe new life into it. Using web animation, you can make your website worth seeing and advertise its best self.

The motion on the web is the plot your customers follow when diving into your brand story. If the animations are well-thought-out, your website has both visual appeal and food for thought. In Embacy, we have a straightforward approach on how to create web animations that meet your website objectives and suit your brand identity.

We pursue some goals when making your website animated. First of all, if we need to move something, we move it forward. In fact, we do the same with your website. By adding web animations, you can boost your conversion rate as consumers spend more time on your website and are driven to fulfill the targets you’ve set beforehand. They won't rule it out as there is no trouble in watching entertaining content rather than in reading plain texts.

Even if you think that your idea is well-explained, explain it one more time. When we’re dealing with a complex product, we make it easy to understand, always. The point is to engage the audience with your brand rather than confuse it. Our team knows exactly how to reflect your concept through animated visuals and leave a lasting impression afterward.

We aren't scared to have fun. Web animations are a perfect tool to draw your viewers’ attention and bring your ideas to life. By animating graphics we arrange accents and strike the right balance of meaningful and entertaining content.

Web animations for Heartcore

Our process

In Embacy, we have a step-by-step way on how to create the right movements on the website. You can follow all phases of our process at any time and without hindrance just accessing Figma. Here’s how we create web animations starting with a briefing and finishing with catchy motion.



The first thing we do is to understand what your brand is about and what values it may have. Our team becomes immersed in your brand personality and grasps the mood it strives to convey. We know how to make it right, so we match your brand and animation styles. If your brand vibes are bright and contrast, we make sure to deliver dynamic and sharp motion to your website.



The next turn is performed by our web designers who create the storyline of animations and identify what accents should be added and where they should be arranged. They work in collaboration with our illustrators so as to confirm the final concept and prepare the static sketches for all website pages. When everything’s settled, it’s time for our motion designers to get involved in the process of web animations.


Motion design

When we have a plot and steady graphic elements, we just put them into action. At this point, we not just make things move but thoroughly examine how they do it. Web animations should work properly and be downloaded without a hitch. A motion designer monitors that animations aren’t too long or technically overloaded. If need be, we adjust the desktop web animations by making them simpler for mobile devices.



We care about the final quality. Therefore, we show all web animations to you when page making. We ensure that everything runs like clockwork or handle comments that may appear. We optimize all animations, so your website is loaded instantly and your SEO settings can work properly. At this stage, the web animations are done and we deliver them to you.

What you get

Upon the end of our process, you get the website with all the animations. We can create your Motion from scratch, and the web animations are only the tip of this iceberg. The Web Animations, as well as Style Search and Development, are the basis of the website that you receive upon the end of our process.

Web animations for SeamPay

A few of our past project

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