Sales Manager

from 1000$ to 3000$


Sales Manager


  • Fluent spoken English, this is critical, 90% of clients are English speaking.
  • Experience in b2b-sales from 2 years, the closer to design - the better.
  • Understanding of design as a service and interest in design.
  • Knowledge of the market for digital products, as this is the main client segment.
  • An intrinsic interest in communicating with different clients around the world.
  • Responsibility combined with charisma and sense of humor.


  • Calling those who have left an application on our site: to clarify the task and to tell about us.
  • Be the one who gives the first impression of Embacy.
  • Manage the sales process from incoming orders to closing the deal.
  • Prepare and present sales proposals.
  • Manage customer attitudes and expectations during the sales phase.
  • Negotiate a comfortable environment for project teams when entering into contracts.
  • Meet quarterly sales plan.
  • Develop partnerships with clients.


  • Remote work.
  • Work schedule 5/2 from 10:30 to 19:30 (+3GTM).
  • Ability to receive a salary in rubles in Russia, drams in Armenia (official employment), USDT (if other ways are not possible).

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Sales Manager


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