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Tone of voice

How to make your brand a story worth telling

The way you tell your story can either build or ruin your brand image. To make your business reliable and advertise your best self, you need to develop your own tone of voice.

The brand tone of voice is not what exactly you tell but how you do it. It is all about the order, rhythm and pace that you create. The more consistent the tone is, the better communication your brand maintains and the more customers it attracts.

In Embacy, we know well how to tell a story that builds the proper brand image.

A consistent tone of voice is part and parcel of your brand identity, it all starts with defining who you are and never ends within your customer journey. The brand tone of voice plays several roles simultaneously. The way you speak to your audience makes them realize not just what the business does but who creates this brand. The manner, in which your brand is described, defines the attitude your customers have towards it.

If you convey the right tone of voice for your brand vision, you look genuine and your clients feel at ease when choosing you.

Furthermore, the distinctive tone of voice makes the brand different from the rest as it corresponds and transmits its unique values. In this way, it highlights your brand competitive advantage and lets your business win the rivalry it may face. Whatever your business does, the Embacy team is willing to set the right tone for its brand story.

Your tone of voice reflects the values of both parties - those who stand behind this brand, and those who buy its products. The tone you set establishes the way these parties will communicate.

Our process


Diving in

For starters, our project manager becomes immersed in your business to realize how it works and what values your brand promotes. The manager dives into your product, its features, processes and grasps who it is for and how it is sold. We thoroughly examine the brand image you have built before or set it up from scratch. Our goal is to identify the messages you want to share and get them across to your audience.


Competitor Analysis

Next, our project manager aims to distinguish your competitive advantage based on in-depth brand analytics. The purpose is to know how your business differs from other market players and to emphasize this difference. We strive to analyze the niche where your brand operates and to define what is your competitors’ tone of voice in order for yours to stand out.



Then, the project manager creates your brand tone of voice that, firstly, transmits your vision, and, secondly, is clearly perceptible. This tone of voice is built when our team develops your brand identity and is further used in the texts on your website. We don’t create your brand at once, therefore we make drafts to edit after presenting them to you.


Final touches

The point is to make your brand a story worth telling and this story should have a through-line. However, it’s not about phrases you say, but how you say them. The drafts that comprehensively explain your product proposition should be full of your exact tone. We just put final touches, check that the texts suit your values as your business goals, and give you the version that will make it clear what you do in the market and who you are for your audience.

What you get

When the project is completed, you get the guidelines on how to tell about your brand and well-thought-out texts for your website that are made with the same tone of voice. We can create your Brand Identity from the ground up, and the tone of voice is only the tip of this iceberg. The tone of voice, as well as Brand messages, is a part of the Brandbook & Guidelines that you receive upon the end of our process.

A few of our past project

You can know more about our experience in the tone of voice by checking the projects we’ve already made:

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