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Q&A with Embacy 2: overrated trends, pets, movies

Meet The Team

To get to know our far-apart-yet-tightly-knit team, we’ve answered a few questions. This is the second time we do this — you can read the first part here.

If you were a typeface, what typeface would you be?

Anastasia, Art Director: Cooper black.

Olga, Lead Web PM: In English it would be Recoleta. It always has a different mood from sophisticated to fun depending on the inscription, but it’s always easily readable.

Miroslav, Lead Web Designer: I would be Lobster. *clicks pincers*

What design trend is overrated?

Sasha, Communication Designer: Minimalism.

Ivan, Designer: Swiss typography.

A few of our team members all over the place: in Argentina, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Turkey

What are some unusual things that you’ve learned during your work at Embacy?

Olga, Lead Web PM: Expertise and seriousness aren’t the same thing. It’s cooler to befriend a client, and establish easy communication. When you can discuss design, and have a laugh together, and a cup of coffee on the call.

Maria, Designer: A fully distant team can effectively work and communicate. Couldn’t believe it, so that why I find it unusual.

Sasha, Communication Designer: You shouldn’t break glasses at parties.

Cats or dogs?

Anastasia, Art Director: Woof-woof!

Olga, Lead Web PM: Dogs, of course! Take him for a walk, throw a ball around and stare at the forest — best meditation after a work day.

Maria, Designer: Dogs. Got one — recommend it! Always a reason take a walk, clear your head and recharge. And there’s something special about communication and understanding, really upgrades you in these patterns.

Ed. note: our sizeable cat people contingent was unavailable to comment at this time.

What movie should every designer watch?

Miroslav, Lead Web Designer: Whiplash — guys, never give up.

Sasha, Communication Designer: I Am Twenty (1965).

Anastasia, Art Director: Three Colors: Blue by Kieślowski.

Ed. note: we have a whole article on why designers should watch movies! It's somewhat self-indulgent, if just a little bit.

What did you buy with your first Embacy paycheck?

Maria, Accountant: Got mom a present.

Ivan, Designer: Went to McDonald’s.

Sasha, Communication Designer: The first purchase from the first paycheck was at a vending machine. I got a Coke.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Miroslav, Lead Web Designer: My first conscious wish for the future — when I was 5 or 6 wanted to draw comics or cartoons.

Anastasia, Art Director: Magician.

Olga, Lead Web PM: Bus conductor)) Cause they had a bag with money and they gave you magical tickets. Got rather upset when I grew up and understood that the bag isn’t actually theirs. Then, wanted to be an architect. Didn’t stray too far — web design is online architecture.

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