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Case Stories

Heartcore: A Kind VC

How we’ve made brand identity and website for Heartcore, European VC

Heartcore is a VC focused exclusively on B2C products. A European venture, with offices in Copenhagen, Berlin, and Paris, they focus on not just any products: but specifically on the products that make our lives a little brighter.

Investing In Happiness: About The Product

The founders of Heartcore are understandably enamored with The Little Prince (1943, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), a novella that is meant for children yet gets to the soul of any but the most disenchanted adults. This novella had also greatly inspired our approach to this heartfelt project. However, we had some limitations: not only did Heartcore already had well-defined positioning, on which we were to build a branding identity, but there already was a set of illustrations that we had to use. Here are the wonderful illustration, by Charlotte Parsons:

Le Petit Prince: Concept

Our concept for the branding and the website was based on both The Little Prince, and Heartcore’s personal approach: they’re not just a VC, but more of a mentoring figure. In this concept, we focus on the figure of a startup founder, of a startup that’s meant to bring joy into our lives. We portray them as ambitious, brave, but also with a sensitive side. These people are both passionate and compassionate.

The Balancing Act: Styles

However, running a business and looking for funding isn’t all big eyes and fairy tales. We had to balance all this hope and joy with the harsh reality. We had to keep things serious, without letting go of that joie de vivre.

Sophisticated and colorful. This is the first style direction that we had considered. Here we’re using pastel colors and craft textures to keep everything friendly, but we deemed it not serious enough.

Dreamy and minimal. Here we put the focus on these wonderful illustrations, and support them with gradients and textures, but keeping them minimal and unobtrusive. This is the style direction that we went with, but...

Balanced and clean. Our final result ended up closer to this. Here we use a more subdued, toned-down color scheme, and achieve the necessary professional feeling by the use of an irregular layout. This is where we balance the joy of Heartcore with the robust support that they provide.

Start From The Heart

In the final result, we convey the main theses of Heartcore — investing in happiness — by our careful use of the illustrations inspired by The Little Prince, soft and warm pastel colors, and some unobtrusive animations, that don’t take away attention but do breathe some life into the website.

We use Recoleta for accents that’s just perfect for our needs here: gentle shapes inspired by 70s serifs coupled with angular strokes. It’s both warm and serious
A little touch: on the thesis page, we use these lines not only to structure content but to also reinforce the feeling of a fairy tale, turning them into neat bookmarks


All grown-ups were once children, but only few of them remember it. Heartcore, and our identity for it, try to remind you of all the warm and fuzzy feelings that you still have. Keep the dreams alive.

Also, do be sure to keep up with us on our LinkedIn and check out this project on Behance.

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