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Case Stories

Galactic Energy: Powered Up

Case story on Galactic Energy

Galactic Energy is a South African company that makes energy more accessible throughout the country. Not just more accessible, but also clean and sustainable energy. For them, we’ve made a brand new website.

Galactic Energy: About The Product

Energy is privatized in South Africa and isn’t easily accessible in every area. Moreso, where it is accessible, the process is often rather convoluted. Galactic Energy provides a simple way to acquire or sell it. With Galactic Energy, it can be done easily through an app, whether for personal use or your business.

Concious Energy: Concept

While this is a project about energy, we’re not focusing here on raw power. We look with hope at the green future that Galactic Energy aims to provide, and we take a look at the stars. The entire website and branding hinges on the name of the company and the stars in the logo.

Visual references for the concept

Grids for Grids: Style

A product works with the electrical grids, so its website should really be built around a solid grid. For the website, we had decided on making everything light and airy, giving every element space to breathe. There’s a lot of text, as this is a complicated product that needs to be explained in detail. We focused on providing detailed descriptions that are readable and don’t feel overwhelming. Everything is in its own place.

Early mockups of the website

Black and White and Green

The color scheme is simple, stark, technological. We keep it grayscale because energy is serious, and add an accent through digital blue on hover buttons. However, everything is kept lively through the extensive use of photos.

The photos are what brings the website to life. We have a solid, confident website, and the bright pictures with the sunlight, plant green, happy people, are what make it not just digital, but human as well.

For the mobile version, we turned all the images into .webp format, because of the limited internet connection available in a lot of places in Africa. Everything is compressed without any loss of quality, all to provide decent loading speed.


This is a project about hope. We aim to the stars while staying grounded.

Keep up with us on our LinkedIn and check out this case on Behance (featured in UI/UX).

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