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Case Stories

Edway: Bright and Optimistic

How we built a website and identity for Sydney-based educational organization

Edway is an Australian educational organization. By providing industry-specific courses that allow for a new career, they help people turn the page and start something new. We did the website and identity for them.

Safety Dance: About The Product

Edway provides courses in the construction, healthcare, and hospitality industries. At the end of a course, you get the knowledge you need and the license to work in those industries: you get to make a new start.

On our projects, we usually do the main page first. But in our work with Edway, we made the booking courses page first as it’s the most important one for the visitors. We needed to lay out the information in the most accessible way possible, with everything important highlighted.

Photos and Color: Concept

We’ve had to use the stock photos of the professions that people will learn. It’s simply and effectively illustrates the point of the website, but by themselves, they look just boring. We incorporate the stock photos fully into the design by adding colorful abstract shapes and lines and make them feel memorable and warm, rather than completely impersonal.

A New Career In A New Town: Style

For the style, we aimed at making the website feel exciting and hopeful. For a lot of people, getting this license to work is the new start they’ve been looking for.

This isn’t a project about complicated design decisions, it’s about something straightforward and joyful. The fonts are easily readable, and Red Hat Display has a little upward slant, to reinforce the themes of growth and hope.

The primary color is yellow, which isn’t often used in web design. It doesn’t have direct associations by itself, unlike calm blue or aggressive red. We use it here for its warmth and combined with the blue and red accents it associates with safety vests, but also with clear blue skies and warm yellow sun. The future is looking bright.


This is a project about optimism. It’s about people starting something new and we express that with a design that is clear and hopeful, just as their new way.

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