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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for September

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

1. SalesLoft, another great project by Focus Lab

At this point, the brand agency Focus Lab became regulars in our digests. We can’t help ourselves, they’re just that good. This time they’re here with brand identity and website for Sales Loft — "#1 Sales Engagement solution in the market".

It looks exactly how corporate digital products are supposed to look these days:

The style also fits greatly on the web, which doesn’t always happen:

2. Upwork, where they didn’t pick the designers on their platform

The style has a lot going on but is hardly unique.

Great visual metaphor:


3. Autodesk grew up

Autodesk got serious, if not downright aggressive:

And yet, remained corporate enough:

4-5. Zip and Bip, two purple fintechs

Two different projects with similar names and purple for accents. First, Zip with the brand identity by Koto.

Zip is another buy now pay later platform, with nice visual plays on the slanted line from the logo:

Now for Bip, with the identity by Venturethree. Bip positions itself as a credit app for zoomers. And looks appropriately:

Sure looks a lot like Discord, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But the project is clearly a lot weaker than Zip.

6. Dropbox updates the logos for their ecosystem

To be honest, other than Dropbox itself, we’ve only ever used Paper out of those. Which is pretty good, but we’ve ended up sticking with Notion. You can learn more about the project here.

7. Exposure, CMS with visual storytelling

Very unusual logo for a digital product:

8. Luxurious Letter

Premium fintech products desperately need to show off how premium they are. We already know how to do that offline, but it’s still up in the air on how to do that right on the web. Complex and sophisticated 3Ds seem to be the step in the right direction:

Be sure to see the website live, screenshots alone don’t do it justice.

9. Wrk. with only the essentials

On the other hand, here’s something completely different with Wrk. Nothing superfluous, just a neat pleasant website.

10. Swiss engineering with Neural Concept

And we end the digest with one of our projects, website and brand identity for Neural Concept. They provide deep-learning software that helps engineers to make 3D models of planes, trains, automobiles, etc. You can see the project in full in our Behance case.

And that’s it for September. See you in a month!

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