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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for October

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

1. Unity: 3D logo for a 3D product

Game engine Unity updated their logo and style. The 3D logos are used not only for the main product, but for all the sub-products as well.

2. LaunchDarkly darkly launched their rebranding

Saas for feature management LaunchDarkly unrolled their rebranding after getting $3 Billion Valuation.

Made by Focus Lab

3. Hotjar brings on the heat

The rebranding is successful when you can find the uniqueness of the product and represent it in the visual identity.

Hotjar passed with flying colors — the new style is based on yellow-orange gradients that resemble heatmaps, the key feature of the product.

Made by How How

4. Handy Heyday

Heyday is a Chrome extension not unlike Pocket, that helps keep everything you find online together. Take a look at these hands:

Note the playful copy:

Our lawyers told us we can’t say that it gives you a photographic memory
Who needs another productivity app? Most apps make us do a lot of busywork, which sucks
Why do the tools meant to make us more creative require us to be so structured?

Made by Order

5. Swile, a smiley fintech

Can’t have a digest without a fintech, so here’s Swile.

The visual identity works off gradients and this custom W:

Of course, it hints that swile can easily turn into smile. If that sounds a bit too oblique, they make it obvious on their first screen:

Made by Lord

6. Dayuse for a date with yourself

Service for booking a hotel without staying the night Dayuse:

The identity is kind and pleasant, all focusing on the product itself:

Despite the unusual visual solutions, the style works perfectly well in digital:

Made by Design Studio

7. User Interviews with the rebrand after all the interviews

Service that connects researchers and responders just had a rebranding.

The interesting thing is that User Interviews reveals in detail how their rebranding went, and of course, it involved some user interviews. You can read more about it on the page Validating the new look with user research:

8. Scrypt Swiss

Once again we end the digest with our own project, a new identity and website for Scrypt:

Everything is built off 3D cubes and textures:

You can learn more about the project in our Behance case.

And that’s it for all that happened in October. See you in a month, we hope it doesn’t get too cold.

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