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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for November

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

1. Worldcoin

The former president of YCombinatior, Sam Altman, just launched Worldcoin with partners. Not sure what will come of it, but the style is already there:

Made by Play

2. Vevo

Vevo, the logo of which you see nearly every time you watch a music video, just updated its style:

Made by Porto Rocha

3. Winamp

That mp3 player you like is going to come back in style. Maybe. Winamp is here again.

4. Myosin

Myosin presents a great logo and confident typography:

The full case is available over on Behance.

5. Tutorful

Tutorful is another lovely edtech:

Made by Output

6. Httpie

Here’s the new project by Koto, one of the best studios around. At the moment, you can take a peek only at their Instagram stories:

7. Excalidraw

Excalidraw+, minimal Miro:

8. Kinema

Kinema, the product for hosting screenings of independent movies, flaunts a bold style with the emphasis on the symbol:

Made by Mucho

9. Kinopoisk

Kinopoisk, the Russian equivalent of IMDB, just recently had a rebranding that was met with much chagrin. Regardless, the work is interesting to consider:

Made by Tuman Studio

10. Kinescope

Per usual, we end the digest with one of our projects. A website and brand identity for Kinescope, video platform for businesses:

And that’s it for November. Next time we’ll be checking in around late December, so, in advance, enjoy the holidays!

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