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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for November

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design for digital products

We don’t know about you, but for us at Embacy, November just swung by in a flash. In the meantime, plenty happened in web design and styles for digital products. This is the second issue of our monthly digest, and today we’ll talk about: Intercom, Mixpanel, Endowus, Google, Headspace, Gusto, Dictionary. com, Openphone, Oscar, Moonclerk.

1. Intercom is getting more corporate

The hero illustrations are gone, and now there’s a video of the interface showing that Intercom isn’t just a live chat. The motion is used to show the smile from the logo on the first screen, better connecting the logo to the website.

It’s interesting for us to keep up with the updates on Intercom: not only do they drastically change their design every year, but they’re the most common reference in our briefings this past year (mentioned over fifteen times). So we recommend you also take a look at the previous version of the website, and the one before that.

Intercom, 2019
Intercom, 2018

2. Mixpanel got rid of 3D for abstract lineart

the previous version of Mixpanel

The company just had a very controversial redesign. They used to have 3D elements, that are an obvious trend for the next year. Corporate blue color scheme, that fits a late-stage startup like a blue suit. Interesting demonstrations of the interface, that inspired us on one of our projects couple years ago.

On the plus side, the new design currently stands out among other analytical services, it has a better focus on the interface and the headings, and the accent purple is wonderful. On the downside, it doesn’t reveal the product. Any saas could have abstract lineart like this, and really, almost any website. The style is both somewhat bold, but also just too simple. The previous style fitted perfectly to a late-stage startup focusing on the bigger clients. So why the change? We could only assume that it’s connected to Mixpanel European expansion plans, and the old style was too neutral.

3. Headspace mobilized

The new mobile version of the main page is much better than the desktop. The style didn’t change, but we should note the option to start the meditation right from the main page, and an accessible version for the visually impaired. If you haven’t tried Headspace yet, it’s the most useful app for this year.

4. Endowus

This fintech got a great new style. In particular: the logo, the color scheme, and the photos.

5. Google made a whole 3D world to explain how its Cloud helps with healthcare

It’s pretty, but it’s style over substance. But it sure is pretty.

6. Dictionary.com

«World’s leading digital dictionary» just had a big rebranding. The best part is the logo. It’s not complicated, and easy to understand, but it’s complex in the making and simplifying it. Made by Tolleson.

7. Gusto

Fintech with one of the friendlies styles made their own wallet. Lovely color scheme, neat animations, everything just how we like it. Curious photo use on the first screen.

8. Openphone

The biggest business phone app just raised $14m and updated their website. We thought it’s a little too inspired by Framer, but that’s fine. The final result is interesting and consistent.

9. Oscar

We’ve liked the unusual style and the illustration on the fourth screen.

10. Moonclerk

The logo might be better suited to a jewelry rather than a fintech, but the style of the 3D illustrations is rather unique. There’s paid newsletter for Mailchimp among the services they provide. Highly unusual. Maybe you should subscribe to our newsletter down below while it’s free.

And that’s it for November news. See you next year for the next digest.

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