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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for May

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

1. Historic update for Instagram

Generally speaking, design for Meta products isn’t something to write home about. Neither product design, nor graphic. Nonetheless, Instagram made something interesting.

For a regular user the only difference is that black mark in stories. But for communication, Instagram now has a distinct visual style. WIth its own font:

And bold pink accents:

2. CNET with emphasis on the headlines

CNET, one of the biggest online media on tech, updated their style with Collins. It is already actively used on their Instagram, where they have more than a million followers.

It’s an interesting decision for a tech media, to use red accents and a serif. It works surprisingly well, in no small part due to Collins’ expertise. The style drives focus to the text, empowering the wonderful taglines.

3. Sileon is ribbed

Swedish fintech Sileon helps small business get what their need in "buy now pay later" format.

The style works off this ribbed glass texture. It’s meant to represent Sileon’s "behind your scene" approach and their positioning:

We quickly saw Sileon as the best kind of partner — a silent one, doing everything for their customers’ businesses, while staying out of the spotlight themselves.

Made by Essen International

4. Foodvisor — saccharine branding for healthy food

These pastels:

The all-too-soft serif:

Cutesy illustrations:

Despite the project being made by the great Koto, there’s already simply too much like this. All the way too friendly and supposedly kind branding. Even if the goal is to make a human-centric and warm identity, there’s got to be a better way.

5. Jiffy — robin to the rescue

This robin became a symbol for the London delivery service Jiffy. Cute lil guy.

Made by Shuka

6. Ironclad — healthy enterprise

Often enough, the style for a late stage digital company makes your eyes bleed. Or, at best, just invoke absolutely no emotions whatsoever. Always nice to see an exception to this rule, such as Ironclad.

Tidy font with a pleasant watercolor palette. And he most important and complicated part of the project is managing to fit together well these illustrations with the UI:

7. Nextml — straightforward machine learning

Per usual, we end the digest with one of our projects. Enter Nextml — a swedish company working with machine learning.

Their positioning is all about being straightforward. That’s why the style, the site, the copy, everything is exactly how they are. It’s easy to make complicated things, it’s hard to make something simple. But it is an exciting process.

This digest is a bit shorter that usual — there simply wasn’t that much interesting stuff going on in May. Or we could’ve missed something, nobody’s perfect. Anyway, see you in a month, and enjoy the summer.

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