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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for May

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

1. Google turning Material Design into Material You

Google rolled out a massive update for their design guidelines, which now goes by Material You. It’s exciting and current, but it’s more complicated and seems to be veering too much into style over form:

2. New Pinterest coming together

The concept of showing the product — which is amassing wastly varied things together all in one place — through a collage is amazing:

And the collages are great.

They’re well thoughtout, vibrant, catchy, confident. There’s a couple problems:

  • It will be hard to scale the concept over different mediums;
  • They take over all the attention, and the text over them is secondary.

Knowing that collages can’t do everything, there are also less complicated visuals as part of the identity:

Overall, the style is more than solid, and is outright incredible if they manage to use it over different mediums without losing quality and with the right balance between the text and the visuals.


3. Playful yet less gamey Discord

Discord is stepping away from the gaming industry into a general communication tool with the tagline Your place to talk:

A little over a year ago we tried Discord in our workflow, and only now they’ve rebranded as a tool that isn’t just for gaming:

Strong project, made by the wonderful Koto.

4. Calendly with C for Confusing

The project is built around putting random shapes into the letter C. We are left wondering how and why, and it looks messy too.

The same was felt over at Under Consideration:

[...] it looked like a wrench of some kind but the abrupt color change as the two shapes overlap made it somewhat confusing as to what exactly it was doing or trying to communicate.

The style even lacks variety, which is notable on the new website. For the positives, we’ll note the usage of patterns outside the letter C:

It’s suprising that it was made by the great Pentagram — they have over a hundred projects with digital companies, like the most recent rebranding of Slack. Guess they can’t all be winners.

5. Sketch sketches new style

The precursor to Figma is updating their style. At the moment it only peeks through on some of the pages of their website and their instagram:

Note the great looking pseudo 3D elements, which follow-but-not-quite the 3D trend in visual communication.

6. mmm is a website to make websites

All you have to do to start is to click the green button in the bottom right corner:

7. Billi with nothing unneccessary

Nice fintech in friendly minimalism:

8. My mind is full of stuff

My mind is a new service to keep all your notes and everything in one place. The style is, excuse us, mindful, tranquil and colorful.

And that’s it for May updates. We’ll see what summer in the city brings.

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