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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for July

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

1. Wonderful branding for Oneflow

Oneflow, a small digital product, went through a simply perfect rebranding.

The style is built on photos and vivid colors. This approach is both simplistic and is extremely hard to pull off well, as the photos are very particular, so the style will be hard to support and develop further. Despite all that, it’s just done so well. And it is already perfectly adapted for the web.

Not only that, the style is part of the overall magical concept, which also has a throughline in the copy, with wordplays such as "experience true contact magic", "blink and it’s done", "no hocus pocus", "believe your eyes." This might be one of the best branding identities for digital products that we’ve ever seen.

Made by MultiAdapter.

2. Beforepay, another fintech with a human face

Many fintechs all over the world keep trying to appear friendly, including the Australian Beforepay.

The style is exquisitely executed by DesignStudio. It’s friendly, bold, memorable. And works well on the web.

3. Picsart — complex style for a simple service

Like the aforementioned Oneflow, Picsart decided to base its style on the use of photos.

You can see there was a lot of work done, even before you look into credits on the Behance case. The photos and the collages are fresh and stylish. But, unlike Oneflow, the style just doesn’t work: the photos are too abstract, and the style doesn’t work without them at all (and you can’t always use the photos). This results in a bland website.

The style is confident, you can see the quality. It’s a good art project, that doesn’t work as a brand identity for a digital product.

4. MajorKey — sharp green and abstractions

A good, well-done style, that doesn’t try to be more than it is. But it is unique, and its visuals do stand out in the digital space.

They stand out because of the vibrant green, which fits surprisingly well, and is memorable due to its use of the abstract shapes.

Made by Chromatic Brands.

5. Reveal reveals its new style

Originally as Sharework, Reveal is a platform for partnership, marketing, and sales teams to generate revenue through their ecosystem by securely connecting customer relationship management

The style is very unusual and interesting in both the finer details and the overall picture:

  • the dark color scheme with black and violet bring on a downright gothic feel;
  • which is only enhanced by the use of serif fonts;
  • with all this going on, you start seeing a tombstone in the symbol.

But all that’s if you focus entirely on the brand identity. If you take a look at the website, it’s a mostly light background and the gradients, which are used in both the backgrounds and in the text. The latter works particularly well.

Made by Ragged Edge.

6. Capture — simple, but eye-catching

A solid and enjoyable project by Kilter.

7. Weve wordplays

8. 1520 — NYC grocery delivery service

The project is made by Shuka, a great Russian studio, which we’ve mentioned in plenty of our digests. Seems like Russian digital keeps going worldwide, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

9. Ledger and Californian ease

The final on the list is the project we’ve made, brand identity and website for Ledger, a Californian software solution for project management.

Since the first call with Light, their founder, we knew this is going to be a breezy and comfortable project to work on. He immediately liked the vibrant and bold concept that we’d suggested:

And we managed to even adapt it for the social media, before he realized, that the style just doesn’t fit the product and its positioning whatsoever. What we needed to show were simplicity and ease. We’ve turned everything around, and came up with a checkmark concept — as the tasks get completed, you put down checkmarks. They come together in the symbol, as Ledger has five functions, so we have five checkmarks. Do check out the full case on Behance.

That was our July. The next digest is only going to come out once the summer ends. If you can manage it, go out there and have some fun!

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