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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for December and January

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

1. Quinto Andar

The biggest real estate platform in Brazil updated its style.

The style is notable not only for the use of detailed and narrative-driven illustrations:

But also for the well-used photos. The logo, while somewhat simplistic, fits well with the composition as a whole.

2. ONTO — something turquoise

The British service for renting electric cars changed its name from evezy to ONTO.

The style is eclectic, due to this turquoise, slanted angles, and the angular N in the logo.

The Os at the start and the end of the logo could remind of the car’s wheels, thankfully, there’s no attention driven to that.

3. Imagine Learning done by the book

American digital design is notable for being somewhat reserved (in the studio we even joke sometimes that it’s behind a few years), but here we can see it working well, understated and not overdone. Looks exactly how an American edtech with an audience of more than 10 mln people (tutors, parents, and children) should look like:

4. Galileo

Well-balanced style with some humanity and sophistication to it.

Note that they have two active websites, for b2c and for b2b. While it’s an uncommon decision to split the audience over two different websites, it makes sense on the market; and note how well-realized and different are the two websites.

5. Zondа

We’ve worked with a lot of crypto projects, and near all of them want to be colorful and memorable. With Zonda, the studio Koto went there with abstract 3Ds:

They’re well-realized, but usually 3Ds aren’t enough to be the foundation of a whole style. At the very least, because they don’t fit so well to every medium, and without them, the whole style falls apart.

6. Outfit with branding Inception

The Australian agency bigfish had a funky task: make a brand for Outfit, a digital-product that helps teams working with branding — to systemize it and create marketing materials.

It’s done well, but there was so much creative space to work with this recursion. Seems like a missed opportunity.

7. From Square to Block

BLOCK — the company that consists of Square, Cashapp, Spiral, Tidal is now Block.

The style is curious, but we wonder how exactly it could evolve and be used on different platforms.

8. Framer

Framer rolled out a new website constructor (currently in beta).

9. Bettr — good but could be better

Everything seems well done, with 3D and motions and wordplays, but it feels like this style is just a bit stale at this point.

10. Mala’a as a blooming flower

Once again, we end the digest with our own project. We’ve created branding and website for fintech Mala’a.

The style is built on two things: the first of which is 3D flowers, that are conceptually connected with prosperity (grow, flourish, bloom).

And the second thing (a style can’t work off 3Ds alone) is the gradient over the text.

And that’s it for our regular digest. See you in a month!

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