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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest for April

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

Jamming with FigJam, Buy-Now-Pay-Later service from Tinkoff, empathic Kron and humane Empathy, and more in today’s digest.

1. FigJam Release

FigJam is stepping into the ring with Miro to duke it out over whiteboard platforms. An exciting fight, but what we care about here is the website. All because the design leaders provide solutions that are sure to be influential over a lot of websites out there.

Right off the bat, you get to draw on the first screen. This interactivity showcasing the product reminds of Asana, where you can click and interact with everything, but taking it further.

2. Compartmentalized Dolyami by Tinkoff

Dolyami (Russian for by shares) is a Buy-Now-Pay-Later service from Tinkoff, that lets you pay in web stores in four equal shares, where you first pay the quarter of the price and pay off the rest with no commission.

Amazing naming, metaphor, logo, everything coming together and illustrates exactly what the service does well. We believe that branding for digital products ought to be conceptual yet clear and understandable, so this project hit us right where we like it. Made by Shuka.

3. The page for the new iMac

While a physical product, talking about contemporary design without mentioning whatever Apple does at the time is foolhardy. The page is vibrant and colorful:

Exciting times.

4. Not so dotty Prove

This service verifies identity using only the phone number.

The strong logo is phone buttons with the bottom one moved to the left to make P. The dots are used throughout the whole identity:

Made by Mucho.

5. Friendly loopy Zoopla

Buying a new home is one of the most stressful things in modern life, so Zoopla adds some joy to the process. The concept for the website is The Journey Lines, showing all the twists and turns you go through when moving places.

“The Journey Lines started life as this guiding element through the Zoopla experience,” Zag design director Dan Green says. “The way it moves and behaves was designed to visualise the home buying journey, and how Zoopla was the constant.”

These Journey Lines can be seen in the font and the patterns through the whole website:

6. Kron — a humane fintech

We can’t say much on Kron as a product, but the website is more than pleasant and amiable. Soft colors with a pitch-perfect use of photos leave us feeling warm and fuzzy.

7. Gett and Citymobil rebranding near-simultaneously

Citymobil is expanding their product, Gett plans on creating a technological platform, so both companies had to switch up their positioning. Citymobil got rid of the checkers and complicated their font:

While Gett streamlined their logo:

The complexity helps Citymobil stand out more, while the simplicity affords Gett flexibility.

8. Weezy — London’s grocery delivery

Made by Other Way.

9. Empathy — an app that helps you get through losing a loved one

Empathy is an unusual project that grabbed us with considerate copy, elegant serif, and sweet illustrations:

Sorry to end today’s digest on such a heavy note. And that’s that for all that happened in April. See you in the summer.

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