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Design Digests

Digital Design Digest: EdTech Edition

A monthly digest of everything happening in web design and branding for digital products

We’ve decided to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming. Rather than take a look at what happened the past month in digital products, we follow up our Branding for EdTechs 101 article. Today, we’ll see what happened in the past year in branding and websites in education.

1. Fluency letter by letter

Fluency, the biggest online language school in Brazil, recently radically updated its style:

The visual identity is built on the typography, and you can already see it in the logo itself.

In the letters going progressively bolder, we see rising confidence as you learn a language. They don’t say that in the description, so maybe we’re overthinking things. But the style works regardless.

Made by Taste.

2. MasterСlass

We’ve already mentioned MasterСlass in our EdTech article, but it’s just such a good case. Less than a year ago they had updated their style, which was already great:

The brand identity feels both premium and exciting. We won’t speak too much about this project, because it really speaks for itself.

3. Updated Udemy

"We know we’ve made some pretty big changes. But even though our look is different, our commitment to our community of learners, instructors, and businesses remains the same."

The new visual identity is great, now we just hope they follow it up with a new copywrite direction. Right now it’s somewhat difficult to read their rebranding announcement.

Made by VSA Partners.

4. Pink M.AD

M.AD had a rebranding appropriate to their name:

The style works off the vivid color and the abstract flowing M.

Made by Collins.

5. CEDEP — experimental style for an experimental business school

The French CEDEP went for a style that is unusual for business education.

The style works off creating abstract and literal shapes, both flat and three-dimensional, out of words.

Made by Tempo.

6. Easy breezy Izzi

Californian early education IHSD loosened up and turned into Izzi.

Made by Stitz Studio.

7. UOL EdTech with colorful illustrations

Made by Leo Natsume.

8. Udice and how the old can keep up with the new

After the explosive rise of online education, including in their visual identities, classic education now catches up. Udice, a French group of research universities, is a great example.

Made by Graphéine.

9. П for Perm Polytech

Painstaking project, pretty, polished, pleasing.

П is P in Cyrillic, and the whole identity revolves around the letter, without for a second feeling gimmicky:

Made by Electric Brand Consultants.

10. Skyeng, Skysmart, Skypro, skybranding

The Russian Skyeng started as a language school, and now it is a lot more than that. Now they have side projects with early education, professional education, and a lot more.

What matters here is how every product under their umbrella stands out, while still coming together into a cohesive whole.

Made by Shuka.

And that’s it for our digest on education. We’ve all sure learned something or other.

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