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Web Design

222 free icons for tech companies and digital products

Last year our team at Embacy created 47 brand identity packages and most of which for digital products. Every project had icons and each time we designed them from from scratch.

How to find the one (icon)

Filter by Industry

First half of icons are general and would fit any company. Other half is conveniently divided by industry:

  • Fintech
  • Biotech
  • Legaltech
  • Edtech
  • E-commerce
  • Crypto
  • Analytics

Filter by size

Service icons: 14px, 50 items.

Work well in interfaces. Would fit any industry.

Regular icons: 32 px, 100 items

These go well with text. 30 general icons and 70 industry-related images.

Mini-illustrations: 96 px, 50 items

Give some of your website sections accents with these! They also look great in pop-ups in websites and apps. 15 general and 35 industries-related items.

Icons with hands: 96 px, 22 items

First time we made icons with hands was during the project for PaymentX. Now we decided to add them as a "bonus-track".

Why do we do this

We believe that custom icons is a sign that a company is thoughtful about design. In the early stages, it's much more important to invest in the product, thus we wanted to help with the design part. We hope that someday someone who used our pack will come to us when they're ready to seriously step up their design & aesthetics.

This version of our icon pack is a test-drive. If the response is positive, we will make more icons and create separate industry-related packs.

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