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What is Think32

Think32 is an Australian company with 30 plus years of dental industry expertise, that rescues you from dental marketing mishaps. To reach its target audience, but not make the website commonplace, we’ve developed plenty of associations with the dental industry. The look and feel are premium, but a bit friendly, to ensure the trust factor.

Web Process

We work in sprints, and our process is fully transparent for our clients. Here’s how we’ve created a premium website for Think32 in only 3 sprints.

  1. First, we developed three different style directions focused on Think32's premium positioning. Once they chose one, we refined the Home page so as it became a kind of dialogue between dentists and the brand itself.
  2. We proceeded to the Services, About us, Blog, and Contact pages and made sure the overall look and feel remained consistent.
  3. Finally, we’ve designed mobile and tablet versions, and prepared everything for the production on the Webflow.


Think32‘s team is good at what they do, they thoroughly know their industry. We'd relied on their expertise and refined the sitemap that they already had in mind.

Prototyping & Wireframes


Color scheme

The palette is mainly black-and-white, but also includes premium magazine colors — dark desaturated cyan and soft pink, that help us arrange accents. We also used white to convey the metaphor of bright white teeth without showing them directly.


We’ve created minimalistic and abstract icons to represent the services Think32 provides. Then, to make them look consistent with the blurred elements throughout the website, we added the background to them.


We’ve used magazine-style layouts so that the website became a story worth telling to its customers.


The chosen concept aims to raise associations with dentistry without being blunt about it.  This way, we’ve illuminated some titles as the dentist’s lamp does and used white to represent shiny white smiles.

Think32’s clients

Think32 builds the marketing from scratch for dentistry, and one of their services is creating beautiful dental websites that work hard. At Embacy, we value long-lasting relationship with our clients, so we’ve collobarated with Think32 and already designed five highly customised websites for the dental clinics.

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We had a great connection with our PM that was a reliable partner who had smart suggestions and really cared about the project. We had a vision and we all worked together to define it. It's really how it should be when you collaborate.
Renee Phillips, Co-Founder, Think32
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