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What is Simla

Simla is one of the SaaS products of RetailCPM, a Russian developer of retail software. This product was created specifically for international users, so it needed a memorable brand identity to help it break onto the international stage.

Brand Idea

Conceptually, the branding is based on molecules connecting to each other, as Simla connects retailers to their customers.


Brand Identity

Bridging together online stores and their awaiting customers doesn't have to happen through gray and monolithic-looking CRMs. To stand out on the market of CRMs, we went for more exciting branding identity. The visual identity hinges on the use of patterns and the vibrant color scheme. These patterns and simple shapes were designed to be adaptable to any medium, making the visual identity extremely flexible.

Color Divisions

Green, lemon, purple — the triad of colors that forms the brand. Magenta is used occasionally for the accents. The colors are mixed together to create a striking contrast for this exciting visual identity.


For each project, we create several brand identity concepts. After one's been chosen, we proceed to finalize it. In Figma, you can see the other ideas we've had, that didn't make it for one reason or another.

Check our process in Figma

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We've started to use the identity developed by Embacy on our social media and YouTube, which has improved engagement. The accounts have reshaped. We've got positive reviews from our students and noticed a rise in our analytics.
Sergey Chudarin, Design Director, RetailCRM
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