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Pioneering Institutional Adoption of Digital Assets

What is Scrypt

Scrypt offers its institutional clients bespoke liquidity, best-in-class execution, and innovative investment solutions. Branding identity helps Scrypt to differentiate its products by using varying textures and colors but still unite them in the ecosystem that we illustrate as a sphere.

Brand Idea

Each layer of this sphere is a particular product. Prime Brokerage is shown as atmosphere because it is driven by cutting-edge, even space, technologies. Land represents Asset Management as it provides you with solid ground to grow digital assets. Trading deepens your liquidity, so its texture is water.

Brand Identity

To transform an idea into a brand identity, we’ve assigned a specific color for each of Scrypt’s products. Green stands for Asset Management, Trading is in blue, and Prime Brokerage — in premium grey.


All visual elements are constructed from 2D squares. This pattern forms a cube that represents a unit of digital assets you may operate with Scrypt.


The website fully inherits created brand identity. Every web element needed to be confident to convey the brand's expertise and ensure the trust factor.


We linked the color-coding with every product page, so the website became easy to navigate. We didn’t use any photos as the point was to create a strong branding storyline through 3D graphics.


The sitemap aims to build the whole ecosystem of Scrypt’s solutions on the web. As every product had its own color and texture, we needed to create different pages for them.

Prototyping & Wireframes


Scrypt operates a complex product,  so we worked on the content together with them. To position their cutting-edge technologies right, we created a confident and expert tone of voice.


We focused on the Swiss style of fonts. They look both technological and professional, which ensured the trust factor.

Color Palette

The chosen color scheme helped us make Scrypt’s ecosystem consistent. To do so, we used just three product colors, green, blue, and grey. For the background, we stuck to black as it pointed out Scrypt’s superior expertise.

Rejected Concepts

For each project, we create several web styles that showcase the brand at its best. In Scrypt’s case, we’ve also had a completely black, technological style as well as a corporate light version. The former was a bit heavy for the target audience, and the latter was not confident enough.

Check our process in Figma

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