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What is Rock Flow Dynamics

Rock Flow Dynamics is a global company that creates the entire modeling cycle of an oil and gas field in a single interface. To communicate its complex product, we’ve developed a multi-level structure of the website. The look and feel is modern, but rather corporate, to reach the conservative audience of the oil industry.


To create the website that would position their products right, we worked in sync with the RFD’s team during the whole process. They were always here to answer our questions and collect the information if needed. Trust became the bedrock of this project.

Web Process

We work in sprints, and our process is fully transparent for our clients. Here’s how we’ve created the RFD’s website from scratch in 8 sprints.

1-2. For starters, we dove into Rock Flow Dynamics’ product and created a multi-stage sitemap to showcase the brand at its best. We built wireframes and developed 3 style directions for the Home page.

3-4. Then, we presented them to the client and proceeded to prototypes of other pages.When we got the feedback, we made sure the Home page is ready with all the texts and the visuals included.

5-6. After, we started working on the Contact, Press, and Clients pages. When they were all done, we proceeded to the Learning Center, Careers, Advantages, and About us pages.

7-8. Our team created the Modules, Solutions, and Integrated Modelling pages, where we explained how Rock Flow Dynamics’ software makes oil extraction easier. Finally, we’ve prepared everything starting from mobile versions ending with UI-kit.


RFD develops multi-level software solutions for oil extraction, that are difficult to instantly grasp. For that, we dove into their process by specifying how each module connected with every solution.


Rock Flow Dynamics creates a complex product that needs to be explained comprehensively.  The final sitemap lets us arrange accents speaking about both the software and the brand itself.


The RFD works with clients that are professionals in the oil industry, and we needed to prove the brand’s expertise throughout the website. To do so, we’ve created a conservative tone of voice that fits well the complexity of its products.

Prototyping & Wireframes


All photos on the website stick to the RFD color palette with prevailing blue and orange. To show that RFD promotes intelligent geoscience, we use landscapes where it is better to extract the oil and gas.


We’ve chosen Formular font for titles, as it gives the identity a technological feel but still keeps everything conservative. As for the body text, we used a sans serif Inter so as all texts are readable. Our priority was to select the typography that looks good in both Russian and English.

Color scheme

The color scheme is primarily based on blue that has been inherited from the client’s brand materials. We also used orange, red, and green from the RFD’s logo to arrange accents.



The grid contains the left-justified column to simplify the navigation.  We’ve used this grid for screens that explain the RFD’s complex software to make sure it’s understandable for customers.


The chosen concept aims to meet the conservative spirit of RFD’s clients. Therefore, we made it straightforward, corporate, product-oriented, and a bit modern but not too much so.

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We were most impressed by how each team member is genuinely interested in contributing to the project. The willingness of the project teams to adapt to the client's wishes without changing their style was commendable, too.
Svetlana Bazilevich, PR Manager, Rock Flow Dynamics
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