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What is Neural Concept

Neural Concept is a Swiss company that specializes in Computer Assisted Engineering and Design. Neural Concept Shape is software that helps to acheive powerful simulation and design optimization using Deep Learning technology.

Brand Idea

The technique is based on the use of outline illustrations that show one proper and several unsuitable product designs translating the process that NC shape does. The correct sketch is highlighted in corporate blue; the incorrect sketches are shown in gray in the background.

We are taking something uncertain and shaping it with our abilities into specific form that is optimal for our problem. It is shown through the transition of the shapes, color gradient and blur.

To show the numerous solutions that NC shapes considers before reaching the optimum, we use black box idea in the style techniques: as input we get the data that is used to conduct the needed number of simulations. This process takes place in the black box. Then, as an output we get a solution that is a perfect fit.

Black Box Approach

Deep Learning propose the solution, which is an absolute fit. In order to reach the needed solution, NC shape takes into account the spectrum of all potential outcomes to find the perfect fit.

Brand Identity

The style is based on the best traditions of Swiss typography and graphics in its modern reading. This is complemented by line illustrations, which are done in an engineering style.


The style uses four primary colors: black, white, blue and red. The blue color has an accent role; it decomposes into shades when working with line illustrations. Red is used only to highlight the logo. In typography, we use two main fonts: the header font is Neue Haask Grotesk Display Pro, and in the web we have added Suisse Intl.



We created a vast palette based on the brand colors with addition of must-have colors for any interface.


The site as well as the style is based on the principles of Swiss typography. When viewing the site is traceable modular grid, the minimum module taken for captiones. As stylistic techniques, we used text overlays on the illustrations, a technical photo style that complements the main idea of Neural Concept product.


The structure of the website was made based on the need of the client to outline all of the possibilities of product’s application. A big part of it is a task to represent that two products can work in a bond, giving the teams the most value during their R&D process.

Prototyping & Wireframes

Rejected Concepts

For each project, we create several brand identity concepts. After one's been chosen, we proceed to finalize it. In Figma, you can see the other ideas we've had, that didn't make it for one reason or another.

Check our process in Figma

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