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What is Ledger

Ledger’s story dates back all the way to 2001—and the founding of a financial firm looking for the right CRM solution. The software that would eventually become Ledger was developed internally for a single team.

After realising its potential the company decided to put it out to the market to help propel other companies and teams to new heights.

Initial stage

Ledger reached out to us to create a brand identity and their new website to present the product to the world. After the success of initial stage we were offered to take upon a task of updating Ledger interface.

How does Ledger tool stands out

Other productivity tools have one purpose in mind and that purpose is surrounded by many unnecessary features that you may never use. Ledger brings the tools tested by their own team that have proven to be essential.

Main project goal

The main goal for us was bringing the new identity and the interface together, so everything feels connected. The previous version of the interface also needed improvements on:

  1. Visual hierarchy
  2. Contrast
  3. Clarity
  4. Friendly identity

Key interface

For the project we focused on the core parts of Ledger software:
calendar, chats with threads, task board, newsfeed and an HR tool.

The events section is a calendar that allows you to see the upcoming events in any manner you may see fit. This flexibility allows for better and more accessible display of information, and in some way make it all less stressfull.

Ledger chats, or Streams, needed to be lightweight. Most work messaging systems are overwhelming with features and information, here we needed to make it clear and simple with the minimum amount of distractions.

For the projects task boards it was important to keep it consistent with other parts of the software and keep the simplicity and ease of the overall experience.

Adapted for phones

Ledger doesn’t have an app but it should be accessible by teams on mobile devices in browser, to be able to connect any time and anywhere.


Clean typography and good typeface allow for comfortable reading of copious amounts of text while working.


Ledger color system is wide in variety of color coding different interface sections, so the user can experience the change of contents before looking at it in detail.

A scalanble UI kit

We created compatible building blocks for all Ledger team needs for the amazing task of scaling their platform.

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They were more detail-oriented than any other agency I had ever worked with. They were always refining and tweaking until they feel the design is perfect, they're literally on auto-pilot at times, it's exceptional quality.
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