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Modern Era Video Platform For Business

What is Kinescope

Kinescope is a B2B video infrastructure for the Internet: affordable, business-friendly and technologically advanced. For businesses of all sizes, Kinescope offers several products in one easy-to-use platform: video player, live streaming, analytics, and smart marketing tools.

Brand Idea is Reflected in The Logo

The principle of the kinescope is based on the conversion of electrical signals into light signals. Three color channels (RGB) when overlaid give a white color, which metaphorically represents the customization and versatility of the Kinescope product. Three points are synonymous with the three pillars of Kinescope: Customizable, For any business, All-in-one tool.

What is the oblique line in the logo?

A simple line takes the shapes used throughout the identity and transforms them into a camera. Not just any camera, but the cult classic Kodak Super 8mm. Stylish with just a hint of retro.


The pattern is built from the logo, expanding its capabilities. With simple shapes, the pattern can be scaled and adjusted. You can create interesting effects using masks.

Additional Visual Style

We’ve created a secondary visual style for Kinescope. Taking the existing creative direction, we’ve added overlay and ripple. Reminiscent of the actual kinescope mechanism, these effects extend and supplement the style of the brand.


For each project, we create several brand identity concepts. After one's been chosen, we proceed to finalize it. In Figma, you can see the other ideas we've had, that didn't make it for one reason or another.

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