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We are looking for a project manager

What’s it like to be a part of Embacy

We’re looking for a project manager that will dive into our not so typical workflow. Our process is built that way so that PM is involved in the project from the starting point to the project handover.

You will not only manage the project but also get involved in the creative part. And one last thing, no paperwork. At all.

Most of the time your will

Solve business problems of the product

Work with client and guide them trought every step
Develop a deep understanding of the product
Analyze competitors from design, strategic and business perspective

Be involved in the creative process

Build prototypes for websites
Keep the copywriting short and simple
Run brainstorms and pick best concepts
Write articles for our blog and manage internal special projects

Manage the project

Guide the team through every step
Search for and choose people for a particular project that will consult us
Be resposible for every decision made during the sprints
Handover the project

You're completely in charge of the whole thing

Together we will create projects for our clients from FinTech to EdTech and be proud to showcase them in our Behance. We love our clients and passionate about our work.

If you have these, we’ll get along

Managing or producing experience in design
Creativity, management skills, collaborative spirit
Presentation, writing, and oral communication skills
Passion for IT, digital and design
Ability to generate big ideas
Proficiency in English
Tremendous desire to learn, and to grow

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