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Collection of 35 NFTs that can be redeemed for design sprints

1 Embacy Coin = 5-Day Design Sprint by Our Team

Let us introduce ourselves

We’re Embacy and we’ve worked with over 100 digital companies from 27 countries, more than quarter of them are from the crypto space.

We’re great at branding, websites, and interfaces — you can see our portfolio and reviews from clients.

We structure our team’s work on a project in weekly sprints, so clients buy 3 to make simple landing page or 5 to make a great branding project.

We've minted 35 NFTs, each equals to a week of our work

The Collection on OpenSea
The Collection on OpenSea

You can redeem Embacy Coins for:

from 2 to 8 Emb
from 4 to 6 Emb
from 4 Emb

How to start a project with us through Embacy Coin

Sign up here or write us at hello@embacy.io and describe your design task
We will call and agree on how many Embacy Coin it would cost
You buy the agreed amount of Emb (e.g. 3 Emb for a landing)
You don't have to use them immediately: you can keep the coins for later
We get your task done
Everyone is happy :)

And it's a good deal

Typically our sprints cost between $3.5k-$4.5k, but our coins cost exactly 1 ETH, which results in a decent discount!

We want to give you something to remember

Each Embacy Coin is a utility NFT which can be redeemed for a sprint once. Once our work is done, you get to keep the tokens: like a plane ticket after a nice trip.
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