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Creating logo animations

Make your logo move

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity, but how can it be memorable while remaining a static abstract picture?

An animated logo is what brings it to life, makes it memorable.

The most important goal for any brand identity is to be memorable. But not only that, logo animations achieve several other goals. They help with storytelling. It doesn't just move for motion's sake, a right animation helps to explain your identity in one swift motion.

A good animated logo also helps with your brand's flexibility. As your company grows and shifts, be it in the brand alone, or also in its products, services, target audience, etc — all of this can be reflected in an animated logo while maintaining continuity and brand cohesiveness.

Your logo is what tells everyone who you are and what you do, and an animated logo does so with flair.

Our process



Based on your brand's visual identity and graphic elements, we brief our motion designers. But we don't stop there: we delve into your logo, of course, but also your whole brand identity, its goals and values, your product and its unique value proposition, your niche, and your competitors' logo, and so on. Only by seeing the full picture, we can create the right animations, a logo that truly suits your brand.



We take all that preliminary research and make your logo come to life. This is the design stage, the moment of creation. Depending on the project, this might take one or two week-long sprints.



Our process is completely transparent. You'll have access and input into our work-in-progress throughout the entire project. And motion designers don't work alone: they'll be guided throughout by our head illustrator and our art directors.


Final touches

In the end, we refine the animation and see how it works in all the required mediums — whether it looks right on your website, as a preloader on your app, on your Instagram, etc, all depending on the project and your brand's needs. We keep refining until we get a sharp logo that tells everyone what your brand is all about inaction.

What you get

Note that for these projects, we've made not just the animated logo. Not even just the logo and its animated variant. We've made the whole brand identities, which were further enhanced by the animated logo adding that little something extra.

A few of our past project

At the end of the project, you get several versions of your animated logo, adapted to all the required formats and mediums.

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