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Flat and line art

Express your brand

The consistent illustration style presents your brand at its finest without using any words and not standing in the way of the message.

Our illustrators work with flat and line art to bring emotion and color to your brand and your website. A good illustration is memorable, commands attention, and it can express any metaphor, any possible idea.

We often use line art for a number of reasons. First of all, line art easily brings balance to every screen composition.

Line art is easily adaptable for any format and looks good on any screen. We can be sure that the illustrations in the final design will look exactly how we had envisioned. And finally, line art is an extremely flexible technique, allowing us to work in drastically different styles.

Our process



Our project manager and illustrators analyze your brand and your product. We analyze your current corporate style, your niche, your competitors, and what their illustrations look like.



Once we have the necessary data, our teams come up with several ideas and style directions on how your brand could be illustrated. We present them to you and together pick the most suitable one.



Our illustrators take the concept and elaborate on it, creating multiple sketches that represent the idea. Our process is entirely transparent: we'll discuss the sketches with you and you'll have access to our working Figma since day one of the project.



We take the right sketches and refine them. And then refine them some more. We keep going until we're left with high-quality illustrations that perfectly represent your brand.

What you get

At the end of the project, you get the illustrations adapted to all the required formats and mediums.

A few of our past project

Some of the projects that we had illustrated:

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