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Make everything match

The deeper your brand messages are, the better they can be explained through collages that suit your illustration style.

Our illustrators can set your illustration style up from scratch in a couple of days through a vast number of design tools. Collage is one of those and it’s widely used by the Embacy team to make your brand eyecatching and memorable.

When collaging we pursue multiple objectives.

Firstly, it allows us to be outside any rules, here each added element fleshes out the new message or meaning in your brand identity. Collage art makes your brand stand out among the competitors as it signals your customers that your products are one-of-a-kind and outmatch the mass market.

Our process



Our illustrators dive into your brand to grasp what it communicates to the audience.



Then, they elaborately shape a concept of how to properly transmit your brand ideas.



We create well-thought-out sketches with different layers of meaning and then we figure out the best one with you.



Next, we put the final touches and provide you with the collage.

What you get

When the project is completed, you get the collage design adapted to all the required formats and mediums.

A few of our past project

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