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Creating brand identity

Presenting your brand in style

We're here to show your brand in the best possible light. A vibrant brand identity is what leaves a lasting impression.

Of course, the brand identity isn't just the visuals: it's your tone, your values, it's everything people think about when then they think about your brand. Here at Embacy, we employ a conceptual approach. By keeping in mind a single concept throughout the process of brand identity development, we create a cohesive project, where element works towards the same goal.

Our process is completely transparent and we go on this journey together. By combining your extensive knowledge of your brand, your product, and your niche with our branding expertise, we create a branding identity that is uniquely fitted to your product. We show everyone exactly who you are, and we do it in style.

Our process



Everything starts with the research. Our team on the project delves deep into learning everything there is to know about your brand, your product, your competitors and their products, and their brand identities, and so on. All this research is absolutely essential for creating a brand identity that positively showcases your product and stands out on the market.

The designer and the illustrator team up to construct the brand identity based on the idea for all three concepts developed.



A good brand identity works off a concept. It means something, it has storytelling behind it, it's not just a collection of visual elements and tone of voice recommendations. So our team comes up with ideas. A lot of them. Then they take the best of those, and refine them, and put together the visual references and the expansive moodboards, and maybe even some early sketches. We present these concepts to you, and together pick one to take further.



Once the right concept is chosen, we elaborate on it. Everything's refined, we see how it would work on different mediums (billboards, social media posts, etc), change what doesn't work, improve what does work, and so on. Our process is entirely transparent since day 1, so you'll be able to see in real-time how your brand identity takes shape.


Final touches

We refine everything until it's just right, and then deliver the finals to you.

What you get

Upon the end of our process, you get the brand identity including all the style elements ranging from logo to the overall design. We can create your Brandbook & Guidelines from scratch, and the brand identity is only the tip of this iceberg.

A few of our past project

Defi Alliance

North American startup accelerator. The brand identity is based on a feeling that the future is already here. DeFi Alliance helps startup founders bring on this new world, and we convey the optimistic and futuristic mood through bright colors, a combination of orange (color of Red Planet) and space purple, which makes DeFi Alliance stand out in the segment and supports our concept. The key visuals for branding are the vibrant sci-fi illustrations



Californian collaboration tool. Ledger is easy to use and has everything necessary for smooth teamwork. So our brand identity is light to represent it. We have five checkmarks: the team crosses off checkmarks as tasks get completed, and Ledger has exactly five functions to it. Tying everything together, these checkmarks form the symbol


Deutsch Online

The biggest German-language online school in Eastern Europe. Our brand identity shows not the process of learning, but what you get at the end. We immerse you into the world where you're fluent in German and can fully dive into the German culture


Neural Concept

Deep learning software for engineers. We took the inspiration from how people work with natural materials: the creation of glass, metal, clay. We are taking something vague and shapeless, and turn it into something particular, something that exactly fits to solve the problem at hand. We show this through the transition of shapes, gradients, and reserved use of blur



The three dots are synonymous with the three pillars of the Kinescope. Customizable, For any business, All in one. And they remind us of those old bulky TVs. The style is built off these dots, with which we show the variety of businesses whose needs Kinescope covers. And finally, these simple shapes come together in the symbol to form a retro camera


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