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Creating brand ideas

Idea at the basis of everything

A consistent, coherent brand has a single idea behind it. At Embacy, we make sure to come up with a metaphor that perfectly encapsulates what you do, why you do it, and why everyone should care.

Your brand is more than the sum of its parts — as long as its every element works off the same concept. This coherency and laser-like focus is what makes your brand identity memorable and makes brand loyalty possible.

A cohesive and well-thought-out brand idea is what keeps your brand identity from falling apart. This one good idea is what makes you stand out in the market.

Our process

In Embacy, we have developed a straightforward way on how to come up with an appropriate idea that will go together through all your brand communications. We make it on time and in accordance with your values. The process is fully transparent, so you can check our progress at any time just by accessing Figma. The following is how we do it.



We start at a steady pace with researching who you are, what your brand promotes, and how you position yourself in the market. Our project manager dives into your brand, its product features and identifies what are the key messages your brand strives to share.


Brand messages

When we’ve grasped what you want to communicate and how you should speak to your audience, we develop functional messages. It all starts with simple words reflecting the essence of your brand and its core features. Then, we refine them bit by bit and finally get the short but catchy sentence that fully represents your brand.



Now, we have a groundwork to build further ideas on and it’s high time for our project managers to generate concepts. We gather for the brainstorm where we collect the ideas ranging from A to Z. When the brainstorm is done, we’re golden as the rest is just to narrow ideas down to the top list.



The point is not to create your brand idea in one go, for us the quality and particularly the result matter. Therefore, we suggest three ideas of your brand that differ both essentially and conceptually. We pick the final option together with you while realizing what makes it the best one. At this stage, the brand idea creation is over and we turn every effort to its application in brand identity.

What you get

When everything’s settled, you get the brand idea that keeps your brand identity from falling apart while going together with all deliverables ranging from logo to the entire website. We can create your Brand Identity from the ground up, and the brand idea is only the tip of this iceberg. The Brand Idea, as well as Concept and Brand messages, are the basis of the Brandbook & guidelines that you receive upon the end of our process.

A few of our past project

You can know more about our experience in brand idea creation by checking the projects we’ve already made:


The provider of flexible system solutions to various financial institutions and support to digitize economies. When branding, we’ve developed the following ideas - “Taking the right steps”, “We equip, you reshape”, and “Bridging today and tomorrow”. The winning option was the second one, and it’s based on the Kumiko technique that allows creating of any item of any size and volume while making it steady


Defi Alliance

A North American Accelerator program that helps early startups get liquidity and launch their projects so they can start their trade activity. To show its positioning at its best self, we’ve created three brand ideas - “DeFi simulation”, “Terraforming”, and “Boot camp”. The selected option arises from the metaphor that DeFi colonizes the uninhabited planet with new promising products while growing startups from idea to market fit


SaaS Labs

Creates software solutions for business process automation powered by experiments and brave creativity. For this brand, we’ve come up with three brand ideas - “Brave new world”, “What if… We experiment”, and “Golden rule”. The second and winning idea reflects their spirit to experiment to solve problems of any business



The all-in-one solution for accumulating cryptocurrencies and fiat. To transmit its ease of use, we’ve built three brand ideas - “Merging”, “Portal - bridge”, and “ The story about a card”. The second idea, which finally was chosen by the client, is about the connection of two different worlds of cryptocurrencies and fiat, where Cryptopay provides an invisible and seamless transition while being convenient and unnoticeable for the user


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